Guardians Institute on Iconoclasts

Posted by on Nov 18, 2008

Architecture For Humanity’s Gulf Coast projects Were featured in the 2008 Iconoclast series. The Guardians Institute designed by the Rockwell Group, and the Biloxi Model Home Program show that bringing back a sense of community after a disaster takes more than just building.

Make a donation to the Guardians Institute and help us bring community back to New Orleans.

We’d like to thank all of the architects and designers, sponsors, volunteers, families, and community partners who made these projects possible. See our sponsors.

About The Guardians Institute

The Guardians Institute’s goal is to uphold the distinct cultural traditions of New Orleans, promote literacy and encourage physical well-being. These goals are accomplished by conducting educational workshops for K-12 students on traditional art of beading and crafting Mardi Gras Indian suits, holding drumming, song construction and traditional dance lessons as well as conducting book club meetings. More than just learning crafts, the students take away a wide range of life skills and a sense of pride in their culture. more…

The Guardians Institute is possible because of the generous contributions of the Rockwell Group.

About The Biloxi Model Home Program

The goal of the Biloxi Model Home program is to provide design services and financial assistance for the construction of homes that for families in Biloxi, Mississippi whose houses were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Families are paired with a team of professional designers who work with them one-on-one to design a new home for their property that is not only affordable but is also sustainable and meets the area’s new building requirements. more…

We are grateful to Oprah’s Angel Network for their support, and to the Architects, Contractors, and Professionals who have contributed to this program. Learn more about the designers and sponsors

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