Nike GAMECHANGERS Fund // Nike Better World

Architecture for Humanity and Nike Inc. are proud to announce GAMECHANGERS, an initiative to encourage community organizations to empower youth through sports by proposing programs that spur social and economic development in a community. This program is part of Nike Better World

Projects may be in located in rural, semi-rural or urban areas; they may have singular goals or have multiple functions, but should address one or more of the following key areas:

-Improved access to opportunities to participate in sport
-Removal of physical, economic, social and gender barriers to participation in sport
-Improved social cohesion
-Improved physical activity
-Provides innovative alternatives to play spaces for communities that lack resources
-Positively affects the environment or reduces negative environmental impact of sport-related initiatives
-Opportunities for social and economic empowerment generated by the project

The goal of the program is to support the design and construction of innovative facilities through a matching grant fund.

Program Updates: