Shizugawa Fishermen’s Workplace "Banya" and Oyster Bar(志津川本浜番屋)

A group of 15 fishermen who lost everything for the Great East Japan Earthquake would like to rebuild their workplace and warehouse (called Banya in Japanese) as their new base of the town’s fishing industry, which is the key industry of the area. These fishermen were used to operate individually, but now they would like to bring in each unique experience and idea to rebuild the collective aquafarming business. They hope the return of fishing business would encourage the speedy reconstruction of the rest of the town.

Meet the clients – pre-tsunami – English subtitles

Fishing Market Reopens – Japanese

Other Videos
Day One of Design Meetings with the client – English subtitles
Fishermen explain their needs at the site – Japanese
Fishermen talk about their current banya – Japanese
Design Fellow Autumn explains the Oyster business – English

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