Ramotswa Football For Hope Centre

About the Campaign:
“20 Centres for 2010” is the Official Campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Its aim is to raise funds to create twenty Football for Hope Centres for public health, education and football across Africa. The centres will address local social challenges in disadvantaged areas and improve education and health services for young people. The Football for Hope Centre in Khayelitsha is the first of the 20 Football for Hope Centres in Africa. Read more about The Football for Hope Campaign

Read more about The Football for Hope Campaign

Design Statement:
The new South East Football for Hope Centre is designed to address the existing Youth Centre building as well as the existing and the proposed football pitch. The approach to the administration and learning spaces is via the existing garden around the Youth Centre, while the sanitary facilities and new changing room are easily accessible from both pitches.

The L-shaped building turns the existing landscaped area adjacent to the Youth Centre into a small arrival courtyard, welcoming visitors and creating a sheltered and shaded social space. This area is connected visually to the football pitches via the outdoor seminar room. All rooms are accessible directly off the courtyard via a covered but external circulation route. The outdoor seminar space is located facing both pitches to serve as a match planning area during practice sessions and a cover for the stage and spectator rest area during league days.

The building orientation and roof overhangs are carefully designed to minimise overheating during the summer months, while maximising solar gain during the the cool winter months. Vertical shading to the outdoor seminar area ensures that this space is shaded and usable all day, including the afternoons when much of the match planning takes place. New trees proposed along the building’s East elevation keep the building cool and prevent overheating of the multi-purpose space.

The design proposes the use of materials that are long-lasting, robust, local and that create the most comfortable indoor environment possible. A light coloured corrugated metal roof is proposed to reflect rather than absorb heat and is insulated using recycled paper insulation to further reduce heat gains through the roof (an in-kind donation of insulation material has been secured from ‘Ecoinsulation’ ). The walls are proposed to be made of locally produced brick or Kgaligadi Sand Blocks, developed by the Botswana Technology Centre. The choice of material will be cost dependent and will be decided during the next design stage.

About the Centre Host:
The South East District Youth Empowerment Association (SEDYEA) is a youth-led sports and community development program that is using the power of football in the fight against HIV and AIDS by providing youth with the knowledge, skills and support to remain HIV free.

SEDYEA History:
SEDYEA is an offspring of a 2001 partnership between South East District Council, the City of Toronto and the Federation of the Canadian Municipalities, which mainly focused on palliative care and prevention of HIV/AIDS. SEDYEA was initiated in 2005. It works in partnership with Commonwealth Games Canada, UK sports, Schools without Borders, the German International Cooperation-YDF project and Mathare Youth Sports Association in Kenya to channel the energy and enthusiasm of young people away from risky behaviours which are the main factors in high incidence of HIV/AIDS in Botswana.SEDYEA operates across the South East District of Botswana. The existing SEDYEA Youth Centre on the site in Ramotswa serves as the hub for all their programs that are currently implemented in five villages across the South East District, Ramotswa, Taung, Tlonkweng, Mogobane and Otse,referred to as zones.

Program Focus Areas:
1. Sports (primarily district-wide football league and coaching clinics)
2. Peer Education (community and school outreach of life skills education)
3. Safe Spaces (empowering young girls and women to determine their own futures)

SEDYEA Vision:
A nation of positive, healthy and productive young people contributing to the health and prosperity of their communities and forming a beacon for the youth of the world.

SEDYEA Mission:
To create positive futures for your people and to contribute to the health and prosperity of their communities by establishing a sustainable innovative and accountable organisation that can grow from a firm foundation to achieve a wider impact.SEDYEA does this by delivering sports, arts, skills development and community outreach programmes that develop leadership, life- and transferable employment skills in young people.