Sauti Kuu Banda Project

Overall Site Plan

YEI Learning Centre Goal (Phase I): To provide rural youth with a place-based centre which offers services that support their vocational, educational & recreational needs, including ICT and other income generating infrastructure.

Infrastructure is the critical gap in rural communities. Typically, rural youth do not have a place to meet nor build their skills outside of the formal school setting.

The site for the YEI Learning Centre is located in Nyang’oma Kogelo, one hour by car from Kisumu (a city in the west of Kenya and the third largest in Kenya). The site’s area is 1 acre. The western boundary of the land is facing the main road; which is also the main entrance for the 2 new facilities. To the east lives local family and to the south, a small church. The building will be located in the North East area of the land, approximately 45 m away from the main road. In terms of the local area, the site is fairly isolated and the only other facility in the area is a local dispensary located 3 km south of the site.

The new facility would consist of a house and Banda connected by a side walk. The house is divided into 8 units (2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, kitchen, open area, office space and storeroom) and will house the manager of the centre, additional volunteers and space for youth activities such as counseling. The Banda (an open covered area) will serve as a multiple purpose area where the youth will have their own space to work on different activities and conduct their weekly meetings.


We want to create an environmentally friendly design, taking advantage of natural lighting, ventilation and materials that are available in the region (local stones for the walls, wood and grass in the roof). We’ve included a rainwater harvesting system in both roofs. The water from the house will be collected for toilets (and other cleaning purposes) and the water collected from the Banda will be filtered for drinking purposes.

Nyang’oma Kogelo is a hot-humid region. To reduce the solar heat we oriented the windows in the N-S axis and for natural ventilation we designed clerestory ribbon windows in the house.

Construction materials

Poured concrete floor slab
Concrete block foundation walls
Stone walls in both facilities
Wood columns in the Banda
The gable ends will be wood framed with wood siding
Concrete plaster flooring
Wood roof framing expose (trusses and rafters)
Wood decking roof
PVC piping for all cable runs. Electrical outlets along the perimeter of rooms