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Vida Corrida: GameChangers Proposal

Architecture for Humanity and Nike do Brasil are working with Associação de Moradores da Cohab Adventista 1 to design and construct a facility utilizing sports as a tool for empowerment and social change for the community Capão Redondo, a neighborhood in São Paulo City, Brazil. The new community center will be the home the community neighborhood organization, Associação de Moradores da Cohab Adventista 1 and multiple local community sports organizations including Corredores do Parque Santo Dias.

Corredores do Parque Santo Dias currently run the project Vida Corrida to help underserved women develop the sport, men and children also participate. Currently over 300 children coaching soccer, participating in sports tournaments, travel and participate in cultural workshops. With expansion of the space will expand the activities to include the elderly and disabled people.

The 2200 m2 site was donated by the government of São Paulo for the community and is currently utilized as a multi-purpose sports and football pitch. The community envisions the site as a new hub in the community, used by the community as a sports field, event and festivals space, as well as community space for varied resources such as health care services. The partners anticipate incorporating a building for office, restrooms, locker rooms, bleachers, training rooms, and parking areas for accessibility to disabled. They also hope to incorporate reading area, internet access, and local vocational courses of languages and arts.

The project will be supported by a number of enterprise operations including existing programs that recycle cooking oil and turns it into biodiesel. With the implementation of the project the community intends to rent space for sports and social events and promote apprenticeships. Women can form working groups in handicrafts, sew, garden and others.

Preliminary design goals have highlighted the goal to utilize recycled materials in at least 5% of the construction works. The design should prioritize ventilation and natural light to reduce energy costs, may capture solar energy for hot water and power supply, and will collect rainwater for lawn irrigation (2009 precipitation was 1969 mm).


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