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Our Community Builders believe in the power of design and are long-term thinkers. They see the possibility of a different future and are willing to roll up their sleeves to help build it. They support and guide the strategic direction of the organization and play a key role in expanding our design practice.

Community Builders

Arup (Learn more)
Bezos Family Foundation (Learn more)
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Generocity Institute (Learn more)
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Hot Studio (Learn more)
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Scott Mattoon (Learn more)
Taylor Milsal (Learn more)
Damien Newman, Central (Learn more)
Narry Singh (Learn more)
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Yutaka Takiura (Learn more)
Josh Wallach and Paula Wood (Learn more)
Works-in-Progress Fund of the Tides Foundation (Learn more)

Community Builder Profiles


Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. Through its work, Arup shapes a better world.

Founded in 1946 with an initial focus on structural engineering, Arup first came to the world’s attention with the structural design of the Sydney Opera House, followed by its work on the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Arup has since grown into a truly multidisciplinary organization. Most recently, its work for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing has reaffirmed the firm’s reputation for delivering innovative and sustainable designs that reinvent the built environment.

Arup brings together broad-minded individuals from a wide range of disciplines and encourages them to look beyond the constraints of their own specialisms. This unconventional approach to design springs in part from Arup’s ownership structure. The firm is owned in trust on behalf of its staff. The result is an independence of spirit that is reflected in the firm’s work, and in its dedicated pursuit of technical excellence.

Jackie Bezos
President and Co-founder
Bezos Family Foundation

Jackie Bezos loves the intersection between a big idea and passion, what she refers to as the sweet spot of philanthropy. And for the Bezos Family Foundation, that sweet spot is the field of education from birth through grade 12. The goal? To develop 21st century global citizens who will not only take their place in the world, but launch their own passion-driven big ideas. Through the foundation, Bezos has pioneered partner-driven initiatives such as the Bezos Scholars Program at the Aspen Institute and Students Rebuild, engaging young people as co-creators of powerful solutions for current issues. Bezos and her husband Mike established the foundation in 2001, and along with their three children and spouses, serve as the foundation’s directors. A graduate of the College of St. Elizabeth with a B.S. in Psychology, Bezos serves as chair of Thrive by Five, the statewide early-learning initiative for Washington, as well as on the advisory boards of The Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, Teach for All and Global Nomads Group. But her most prized position is “Creator of Chaos” at her annual grandmother-run summer camp for her 11 grandchildren.

Bobby Chang

Bobby Chang trained as an industrial designer at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he specialized in product design. He worked with Nike’s brand/image group before co-founding Incase, a global brand which creates lifestyle products for consumer electronics, including notable products such as the Apple iPod, iPhone, ipad and Macbook. The continued success of Incase has allowed him to redirect his creative focus toward creating a paradigm shift in philanthropy, and in doing so, help provide charities and NGO’s with the tools to make a positive change. Chang is developing programs for global organizations such as American Red Cross, UNICEF and Invisible Children, as well as creating an incubation studio for mentoring designers to produce humanitarian related projects. His strategies have helped designers work on projects driven by passion rather than revenue, resulting in multiple products and programs being injected into charities and NGO’s around the world. His extensive experience in developing and operating successful companies and programs will be a key factor in the growth and success of his new ventures ALMA Studio, HEAL Together and Back 9 Studios.

Clifford Curry
Owner and Founder
Curry Architecture
Curry Stone Foundation
Curry Stone Design Prize

Clifford Curry graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Design. Curry’s professional career includes six years working for cities in Planning and Urban Renewal. For 33 years he has had a private architectural practice. He was principal architect for retirement housing pioneer William Colson. Three hundred senior-living communities have been built and operated by Colson and partners, including Curry, across the United States, Canada and England. In 2007 this group of senior housing complexes were sold. The sale allowed the initial funding for the Curry Stone Foundation and Curry Stone Design Prize. Curry has continued his practice, Curry Architecture, in Bend, Oregon. He serves on the board of Architecture for Humanity.

Dwell Media, LLC
Dwell Media is the parent company of Dwell magazine, Dwell Digital + Mobile, Dwell on Design events, and the Dwell Homes Collection.Dwell magazine

Founded in 2000 by Lara Hedberg Deam, Dwell has received countless industry awards and is widely regarded as a leading voice in the modern design movement. Championing a philosophy that is idea-driven and sensitive to social and physical surroundings, its enduring passion for design leads a passionate community of design-seekers to be “At Home in the Modern World.’

Paul Gabie
Former Senior Vice President and Head of Education Investing
R.F Chandler

Until recently, Paul Gabie was a Senior Vice President and the head of education investing at R.F. Chandler, a Singapore-based multi-billion dollar private investment organization. In this role, he was responsible for the firm’s US$ 100 million commitment to enhance the quality and availability of education in the developing world. From February 2008 through January 2010, Gabie lived in India and led the incubation and early growth of Rumi Education, an R.F. Chandler company that is India’s first chain of truly affordable private schools. Prior to joining R.F. Chandler, Paul practiced law with Shearman & Sterling LLP in New York. In his practice, Paul represented clients on project financings and mergers & acquisitions in Central and South America and the Middle East. His sector expertise includes education, infrastructure, natural resources and power generation.

Gabie has a background that spans the business, legal and engineering disciplines. He holds an MBA with Honors and a Distinction in Leadership from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland and a Juris Doctor with Honours from the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada. Gabie also earned his BASc in Mining Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He is a qualified attorney and a member of the New York State Bar.

Generocity Institute
A center for conscious giving and receiving.Generocity Institute

The Bay Area is one of the most unique communities in the world, a place of natural wonders and the home of some of the greatest business and civic leaders in entrepreneurship, social change and venture philanthropy. Mayacamas Ranch provides the opportunity for families, foundations and advisors to these groups to inspire each other, and to find a higher purpose for themselves and their communities.

GeneroCity Institute is creating both physical and virtual platforms in partnership with Mayacamas Ranch. The GeneroCity platform will be made available to foundations, families, corporations and social profit groups who are looking for more effective ways to deploy their time, ideas and financial resources.

Margaret Gould Stewart
Manager, User Experience

Margaret Gould Stewart manages the User Experience Team for YouTube, leading the company’s overall design and user research efforts. Prior to her current role, she spent two years leading Search and Consumer Products UX at Google. Gould Stewart has been a practitioner and manager in the field of User Experience for over 15 years. After graduating from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in 1995, Gould Stewart consulted extensively with New York media companies such as the New York Times, Time-Warner, and Scholastic to develop many of their first forays into the web. She has held leadership roles at a variety of high profile startups and companies, including Tripod.com and Angelfire.com, which were both acquired by Lycos, Inc. Over the course of her career, Gould Stewart has led the design teams for five Top 10 Most Visited websites in the world. She lives with her husband and three children in Palo Alto, California.

The Harnisch Foundation

Since 1998, The Harnisch Foundation has been a catalyst for sustainable social change, funding and implementing innovation in the fields of philanthropy, coaching and journalism.

The Harnisch Foundation is collaborative and inclusive. Its projects often showcase the work of others, and it acts as a convener. The organization believes that philanthropy, coaching and journalism are ways of making a powerful difference in the world through the lives of individuals. The team, including board, staff, volunteers, and partners, is committed to transparency in all our operations. Their work is dedicated to unleashing untapped capacity.

Hot Studio

Hot Studio is an award-winning experience design company with offices in San Francisco and New York City. Dedicated to creating elegant solutions for complex design challenges, Hot Studio collaborates with business leaders, innovative organizations, and emerging companies to create breakthrough products and services that have global reach and local impact. Its diverse list of clients includes Cisco, Dow Jones, Warner Music Group, Palm, Gap, eBay, Zinio, Ancestry.com, Architecture for Humanity, SFMOMA, and California Academy of Sciences.

Founded in 1997 in San Francisco by Maria Giudice, a pioneer in the field of information design, Hot Studio started out small. There are now more than 60 seasoned, multi-disciplinary professionals working in Hot’s offices.

Niama Jacobs
Clinical Fellow
Harvard Medical School

Dr. Niama Jacobs completed her undergraduate, graduate and residency training in the New England area, including a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College, and Medical Degree from Brown University. She will complete training in Adult Psychiatry at Harvard University affiliate Cambridge Hospital in 2011.

In addition to her responsibilities as Chair of Board of Directors for Architecture for Humanity, Jacobs is a Clinical Fellow at Harvard Medical School, and a member of the National Medical Association. Jacobs’ interest areas include pediatric health and wellness, global health and development, and systems for sustainable delivery of quality health care. She was founder of the Medical Multilanguage Program at Brown University, and has completed health missions abroad, teaching HIV prevention in hardest hit areas.

Jon Kamen
Chairman and CEO

Jon Kamen serves as the Chairman and CEO of @radical.media, a global company that creates innovative transmedia content. Under Kamen’s leadership, the company has successfully navigated the worlds of branded, digital and entertainment media. He has served as an executive producer or producer of Academy Award-winning, Grammy Award-winning, Emmy Award-winning and Spirit Award-winning, features films, documentaries, television series and specials. His company has been twice honored with the Palme d’Or, The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Communication Design and just about every accolade and trophy associated with the advertising and marketing industries.

Kamen was also the founder of AICP Show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, a show that has been dedicated to focusing on craft for nearly 20 years. A Trustee of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), on the Board of Directors of VCU Brandcenter in Richmond, Virginia, and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Kamen and his partner Frank Scherma have constantly been dedicated to furthering the evolution of the company as well as the industry at large. @radical.media is also constantly involved in significant pro-social and corporate initiatives that engage their multi-disciplinary skills, contributing meaningfully to people’s lives, of which Kamen and the entire company are most proud of.

Michelle Kaufmann
Michelle Kaufmann Studio

Michelle Kaufmann is an architect, designer and advocate for smarter ways to design, build and live. Her mission with all of her work is to make thoughtful, sustainable design accessible. With her firm, Michelle Kaufmann Studio, she specializes in sustainable lifestyle design including single family homes, eco-luxury resorts, and multi-family communities.

She was the founder of Michelle Kaufmann Designs, a design/build company that led the movement of prefabricated green homes. The firm was given the 2008 TOP FIRM AWARD by Residential Architect. Michelle has been called “the Henry Ford of green homes” by the Sierra Club and was named “2009 Green Advocate of the Year” by the National Association of Home Builders, was included in Business 2.0 magazine’s list of “100 People Who Matter Now”, and has been featured in numerous television and print publications including the Sundance channel, HGTV, Discovery, Planet Green and in numerous magazines including Town+Country, Dwell, Sunset, Time, and the Smithsonian.

Scott Mattoon
Enterprise Architect
Oracle Corporation

Scott Mattoon is currently employed at Oracle where he works on next generation systems architectures. He was previously Chief Architect for Sun Microsystems’ Western U.S. market. Mattoon is a steadfast contributor to communities involving sustainability and open source design. He is frequently featured as subject matter expert in public forums and has appeared in various media outlets, including blogtalkradio, fora.tv, and Innovation@Sun. Mattoon served as Sun’s technical liaison to the TED community. His career has spanned several leadership positions with companies helping to shape business and society on the Internet including 4charity.com, Live365, Cybersource, and NeXT.

Taylor Milsal
Founder and CEO
Milsal + Partners

Taylor Milsal joined the board of Architecture for Humanity in 2006. She has visited construction sites in Johannesburg and New Orleans, and experienced first-hand the organization’s impact on local communities — and discovered that making bricks from local materials is hard work. A bicycle rider who sold her car years ago, Milsal was on the forefront of bringing alternative energy solutions to large-scale manufacturing facilities. Milsal is an active member of the TED community, and co-founder of Exquisite, a San Francisco-based global community of appreciation for all that creates wonder and awe. In her current role as founder and CEO of the outsourced sales firm Milsal + Partners, Milsal focuses on strategic customer acquisitions and revenue generation for startup companies in order to rapidly increase their valuation and market position.

Damien Newman
CEO and Principal, Central

Damien Newman is CEO and principle of the transformation consulting firm Central. The firm focuses on large-scale transformation projects which have included designing market drive solutions for the seafood industry, organizational transformation, and work in the environmental conservation field. Prior to founding Central, Damien worked at IDEO as a design strategist, at frog design as Director of Strategy, and at the interaction design firm Studio Archetype. Damien also writes frequently on brand strategy, transformation design, and the design process, for publications like Print Magazine.

Narry Singh
Chairman and Managing Partner
The Intellidex Group

Narry Singh brings almost two decades of experience as a successful entrepreneur, general manager and trusted advisor. He specializes in creating and building businesses that drive game-changing disruption. He has led global teams and built multiple businesses that were valued at over $20 billion dollars, employed over 6,000 people, acquired six companies and set up businesses in 38 countries. Two of his companies were successfully acquired (by Microsoft and First Data Corporation) and one went public on NASDAQ (Commerce One). He is Chairman and Managing Partner of The Intellidex Group, a leading venture advisory firm with clients ranging from start-ups to some of the world’s most admired global organizations. He and his ventures have been featured on CNN, CNBC, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week and many other publications. Singh served as advisor to the World Economic Forum (ITC Committee) and is also on the board of Architecture for Humanity.

Delight H. Stone
Curry Stone Foundation
Curry Stone Design Prize

Delight Stone is a Registered Professional Archaeologist. As a historical archaeologist her professional experience includes excavation, writing, community service, teaching, exhibition construction and documentary film production. Her areas of interest include gender, contact period populations of the Pacific Northwest and cultural preservation. Stone is a co-founder of the Curry Stone Foundation, the Curry Stone Design Prize, and Clinica Medical de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe.

James Stuckey
New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate

James Stuckey is Divisional Dean, Clinical Professor and Klara and Larry Silverstein Chair of the New York University Schack Real Estate Institute. Stuckey is also the President, CEO and founder of Verdant Properties, LLC(R), a real estate development, ownership, acquisitions and consulting Limited Liability Company. He has over 30 years of public and private development experience, completing many of the most complicated real estate projects in the United States. Currently, he is developing a $50 million 132-unit affordable housing project in Flushing, Queens. He serves as a development advisor to Trinity Real Estate.

From January 1994 though June 2007, Stuckey was responsible for the creation and completion of several billion dollars of highly visible public/private commercial real estate development projects at Forest City Ratner Companies. As President of the Atlantic Yards Development Group, Stuckey led the development of Atlantic Yards, the proposed new home of the New Jersey Nets Basketball team, 6,430 units of housing and over 600,000 square feet of commercial development in the heart of Brooklyn. Throughout his career, Stuckey has completed millions of square feet of public/private commercial, residential, industrial and waterfront development projects in over 50 buildings totaling more than $25 billion, including Times Square, the South Street Seaport, MetroTech, the New York Mercantile Exchange and other high visibility developments. He is a former President of the City’s Economic Development Corporation, and currently serves as the President of the New York City Public Design Commission of New York. He is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, and is conducting research and a course on post-catastrophe reconstruction, with a present focus on rebuilding in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake.

Yutaka Takiura
T-Design Architecture PC

Yutaka Takiura is an architect, interior designer, photographer and professor. Born in Japan, he currently lives and works in New York City. He graduated from Waseda University, Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania. Takiura has worked on projects on various scales, from a small interior design, a high-rise building to an urban design. He specializes in modern art and design.

Josh Wallach and Paula Wood

Works-in-Progress Fund of the Tides Foundation