Biloxi Busch Park

The Mississippi coast community is still rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina with more residents and businesses coming back everyday. It has been quite the struggle to get families back in safe and sustainable homes to rebuild their lives from, but homes are only a part of what makes a community. As families come back they also need the things that make them feel apart of a community. Neighborhood parks serve as vital gathering points for the community. They give families and neighbors a place to play, talk, and have family events and community meetings.

Architecture for Humanity Austin partnering with Hands On Gulf Coast and the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio has developed a proposal to improve a neighborhood park in Biloxi, Mississippi that was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Over the course of 7 months of design workshops and collaboration AfH Austin volunteers have developed a master plan for the park which includes a musical play-scape, native plant garden, additional seating for the recently built KABOOM playground, and sports playing field. These new features coupled with the repair of an existing shade structure make this park an essential feature of the East Biloxi community.

AfH Austin submits this proposal for future consideration in the development of the Dorris C Busch Park to serve the East Biloxi community.