Thank you so much to everyone who came out a helped with the fence! It turned out great and truly reflects the community effort AfH Austin strives for!

If you missed out there are still a few fence frames that need to be filled in! Contact nicole@afhaustin.org if you would like to contribute.


In November of 2008 AfH Austin began working with the Windsor Park Community Garden on what would ultimately become an incredibly dynamic enclosure for the garden! Our members worked with the garden and neighborhood members to design not just a fence but a an assembly process that would make the fence a unique artistic display of this collaboration.

Over 30 volunteers worked weekends in April and May of 2009 to construct the fence. Volunteers came from all over Austin to contribute time and materials.


The fence construction is based on a modular design consisting of frames to be filled in with found or donated materials. Each fence section is a 5’x3′ reinforced frame mounted between 4′ tall landscape timbers.

The fence seeks to address the following:
• can be easily replicated at different gardens
• includes fencing, a pedestrian gate and a vehicle gate
• provides security for the garden, keeping garden beds from getting trampled and vegetables from disappearing
• engages passersby (consider opportunities for seating, edible plants, etc)
• lets people see into and out of the garden
• is affordable (consider donated and/or salvaged materials)
• is easy to construct with a team of volunteers
• withstands weather/is low maintenance


The Windsor Community Garden has been putting roots down in East Austin for a few years now with the help of several community partners. The garden has several active members with lush vegetable beds and several community spaces in the works. The challenge brought to AfH Austin is to help the garden establish itself as a more permanent entity in the community and provide its members more security for their produce. Our members will design and build a barrier in the garden that will not only provide a distinction between private garden plots and communtiy spaces but contibute to the establishment of those community spaces.


Thank you to everyone who helped make this project possible!

Frontline/The World June 2008