Get Involved

So you entered our competitions, bugged your friends and family about Architecture for Humanity, read Design Like You Give A Damn and bought a T-shirt. What else can you do?

Architecture for Humanity uses volunteers in a variety of unique ways. Volunteers are placed primarily at our Head Quarters in San Francisco, CA. We do not send volunteers abroad however if you are not located close to HQ, we recommend contacting the Architecture for Humanity Chapter closest to you to get involved.

At a minimum, we invite you to register as an Active Volunteer to join our network of skilled professionals passionate about design and what it means for communities around the world.

Give Design Services

Become an Active Volunteer

As an Active Volunteer, you will be entered into our volunteer database and as various needs arise, we’ll call upon you to help. Provide us with your contact information, skill set, credentials and interest area/s.

Volunteer at Headquarters

Volunteer positions at our San Francisco office range from working with Project Managers on a project to doing Web Design to supporting our Development Team. We ask our volunteers to commit to a minimum of three months (working 15 + hours per week). Check out our current volunteer opportunities and follow the instructions to submit a formal application.

Join a local chapter

Sign up with a local chapter in your community. Currently groups are meeting around the world. For a list of local chapters, including links to their designs on (formerly the Open Architecture Network).

Share Knowledge

How can you help communities by design if you can’t share it? Post your designs on (formerly the Open Architecture Network), a collaborative online tool and network where architects and designers work everyday with community leaders, nonprofits, and educators to improve the built environment.

Be A Design Advocate


We believe in sustainable prosperity for everyone across the world. On the gulf coast in East Biloxi, we were able to leverage donations from individuals like yourself into a community design process that rebuilt 45% of the area. Help us start the next meaningful project.

Sponsor a Designer

The success of our projects depends on the dedicated effort and tremendous talents of design fellows in the field. A little bit of support goes a long way. $100 will support a designer for a day, $500 sustains them for a week, $1500 can lead to a month and $15,000 can help for a year.

Spread The Word

Help us spread the word by staying up-to-date on volunteer and job opportunities, upcoming competitions, follow the progress of our projects, and read the occasional off-topic tidbit, sign up for our newsletter. You will receive a monthly newsletter informing you of current projects, calls for help, links and news.

Help Fundraise

Architecture for Humanity depends on donations from individuals like you. We receive a majority of our donations from individuals. In 2005, over 25% of funds raised came from people between 7-30 years old. Be it matching contributions from your company to selling gingerbread cookies, any help will be greatly appreciated.

What do you get out of this?

By showing an active interest in Architecture for Humanity, you are part of a growing grassroots humanitarian design movement helping to change the perception of the role of the designer. In most circles, architecture and design is seen as a service for the privileged. Our profession is guilty of embracing this ideal. Design should be a profession of inclusion whose talents help those who need them most. It is time for you to change the perception and design like you give a damn.