Students Capture Toms River Recovery

In February, the design team for the ReNew Schools: Toms River High School North held their second community meeting on site, where pro-bono architect, Craig Brearley presented revised design drawings of the stadium entrance plaza and support buildings, taking the feedback gathered from the first community workshop held last October.

Toms River High School North is the larger of three high schools that serve the Toms River Regional Schools, with 2,400 students. With their high dedication to sport (the majority of the student population play some form of intra or inter-mural sport), the school is invested in getting facilities back up and running.

This community meeting was attended by both students and community members, who gave enthusiastic comments and feedback that would be considered in finalizing the design. As a bonus, the regional school district’s very own TV-21 crew was there to document the event. TV-21 is a unique radio and TV program lead by Chip Phillips and run by broadcast and journalism students in the school district. After intently filming and interviewing the design team throughout the day, the talented students put together a short clip, that summarizes the project. See the video below, featuring Regional Program Coordinator, Brian Baer, and lead architect, Craig Brearly!

Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction

In the closing days of October 2012, Hurricane Sandy carved a path through the Caribbean before moving up the Atlantic and turning inland at New Jersey, striking many coastal towns. The storm moved north and created a storm surge that devastated the New York/New Jersey Metro area. The event caused major damage and loss of life.