Pillars of Sustainable Education: Tsinghua University Updates

Recently, twenty Beijing High School students had the opportunity to visit the Tsinghua School of Architecture and the Green Low-Carbon Building and demonstration house that was recently completed in partnership with Pillars of Sustainable Education.  During the visit, the students had the chance to learn more about green building technologies and participate in testing the building’s energy efficient systems.

The overall objective of the visits is to educate students on the topics of environmental protection, green building design and technologies. Further student group visits have been organized to promote a stronger understanding of green building practices through a hands-on demonstration of the completed systems and building components.

See more photos from their visit here.

High performance building materials were used to construct the building envelope. The composite wall consists of wood veneer, oriented strand board, a light-gauge steel-framed structure, 18mm oriented strand board, a water barrier, and High Impact Polystyrene (thermal conductivity 0.005W/(m•K) whose thermal resistance is equal to polystyrene cladding 150 mm thick. A thermal imaging camera was used to analyze insulation performance and to identify any thermal bridges

A noise meter was used to analyze the insulation’s acoustical performance within the building envelope. The tested interior sound level is 29.0 dB(A), and the outdoor sound level is 47.1 dB(A), so the sound insulation performance is excellent for this house.

A dedicated website for this project will be continuously updated throughout the monitoring and evaluation phases. Take a look at www.glcbuilding.com — the domain name “glcbuilding” is the abbreviation of the project name Green Low-Carbon Building.

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Pillars of Sustainable Education

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