Pillars of Sustainable Education: April Happenings at Purdue University

This month, surveys to assess visual comfort were created and distributed to office occupants at the Herrick Living Labs. Focusing on questions regarding the occupant’s satisfaction level and preference on existing lighting conditions in the lab, this survey will help students gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of the current systems in place. In the CE 513 classroom, the thirteen students (11 graduate and 2 senior undergraduates) are busy at work, wrapping up their daylighting projects as part of their coursework. These projects include elements of energy conservation and visual comfort related to the project. Meanwhile Dr. Thanos Tzempelikos and his team have submitted a number of publications on the topic of daylighting in the past month. One titled “Annual Daylight Glare Evaluation for Typical Perimeter Offices: Simulation Models versus Full-Scale Experiments including Shading Controls,” has already been accepted for publication and will be presented at the June 2014 ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) Annual Conference in Seattle. Last but not least, in the architectural engineering labs at Purdue, visual comfort experiments are being conducted on a continuous basis. We look forward to the results produced! Learn more about this project >

Pillars of Sustainable Education

Architecture for Humanity and Alcoa Foundation have come together to support the realization of community-based projects that explore innovations in design, materials and building systems.