New Resource: the Green Schools Investment Guide

Architecture for Humanity and the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released “The Green Schools Investment Guide for Healthy, Efficient and Inspiring Learning Spaces,” a free downloadable resource for K-12 schools and communities that demonstrates how schools can implement healthy and resource-efficient building improvements.

The Green Schools Investment Guide outlines the steps that any school stakeholder – from school administrators and elected officials to staff and students to parents and businesses – can take to transform their local schools. The 70-page, action-oriented resource demonstrates how investments in America’s school buildings can improve student and staff well-being and academic performance, conserve scarce resources and foster thriving and sustainable communities.

This collaboration is part of the Center for Green Schools’ Green Apple initiative, a cause-marketing effort that gives individuals companies and organizations the opportunity to transform all our schools into healthy, safe, cost-efficient and productive learning places for students. Through this collaboration, Architecture for Humanity and the Center for Green Schools will develop a joint fundraising model to tackle our nation’s deferred school maintenance bill by implementing school improvement projects, addressing school finance barriers and providing tools to educators.

The Green School Investment Guide is the first product of a joint initiative of Architecture for Humanity and the Center for Green Schools. We’re working together to create and apply resources that show how communities can make healthy building improvements in their schools. At the heart of every healthy community, we see a green school: a healthy, safe, inspiring and resource efficient place for learning and leadership. We believe that every school can serve as a center for community life and an engine of renewal. We believe that where we learn matters.

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Green Schools

We all aspire to build healthy, inspiring and sustainable schools for the next generation. Despite this shared vision, our schools face significant barriers to becoming truly green learning environments. More than ever, outdated school buildings are unhealthy. Budgets are strapped. Educators are too burdened to teach the ‘big picture’ thinking that students need to live sustainable lives. How can we work together so that every student attends a green school?