A Message from Executive Director, Eric Cesal

Dear Supporters, Volunteers, Partners and Friends,

First and foremost, I want to say thank you. This year, more than 16,000 students have walked into brand new, freshly painted, beautifully designed classrooms because of your support. Providing access to education has an extraordinary impact for entire communities – it helps to eradicate poverty, drive civic participation and promote gender equality.
But, we’ve only just begun. 57 million children globally are still being deprived of a good education due to schools being overcrowded, unsafe and simply unable to support their needs.

That’s why I am asking for your help. Architecture for Humanity can’t design, construct and strengthen these schools and other vital community buildings without your continued backing.

Meet Maria

How, you might ask, do your contributions impact real people? Please meet twelve-year-old Maria, a student at Santa Elena de Piedritas School in Piura, Peru. Maria and her classmates are proud of their new award-winning school – and they should be. They helped Design Fellow Jesús Porras throughout the design process and the result was simply stunning!

Help Maria and others like her to learn in schools they can be proud of. Please make your gift to Architecture for Humanity today to bring well-designed, safe schools, community centers and play spaces to those who need them the most.

Projects like these empower communities long after the opening ceremony, providing employment and training for local workers that have a lasting economic impact.

Ultimately though, it is Maria’s excitement about her school that makes the real difference! The school was built for just that – to inspire children and educators with a goal of increasing attendance by 68% in just 5 years.
That’s why I love what we do. A building like this is so much more than a structure; it inspires learners, it drives local economies, and it brings hope for the future.

Join me today to continue your support of Architecture for Humanity – and the people we are privileged to serve through all of our projects.


Eric J. Cesal
Executive Director

P. S. You can support our work year-round through our monthly giving program. Sign up on our donation page.