MakiBiz Seminar Attendees Learn How to Use Design to Expand Their Market

The launch of our current MakiBiz Business Seminar Series: Using Design to Expand Your Market was held in February and has been a great hit! Participants have requested more sessions, and we are ramping up the seminars this month! 2月に好評を博したビジネスセミナー【販路拡大のためのデザインの使い方?】に、「継続を!」とのたくさんの嬉しいお声をいただき、今月パワーアップした【販路拡大ゼミ】を開催することとなりました! Lead by Takeru Kasama from Communa Translation Design, we will be covering topics such as, ‘How can we distribute our products or services in a better way?’ Held over four sessions, the main topics covered will be on how to identify core issues, the introduction of best practices through case studies, and on how to implement strategies. The format of these seminars will vary, including one-on-one consultations, interactive seminars, and guest lectures. 「商品やサービスをより良く提供するためには?」のヒントを被災事業者のみなさんと共に導き出します。 講師はもちろんコミューナ・トランスレーション・デザイン有限責任事業組合の笠間建さん。 4日間を通じて行われるゼミは、’課題点の抽出”、’事例紹介”、’実践方法”の3部構成で個別相談会やセミナー、ゲストによる講義など、盛り沢山のコンテンツでお届けします。 Seven clients attended the one-on-one consultations held on April 9th. Here, they discussed the current status of business, and Mr. Kasama advised on how to work towards long-term goals. In the upcoming seminar on the 15th, topics such as how to best use the advice will be discussed through examples and key concepts. 9日に行われた個別相談会には7組の被災事業者さんにお越しいただき、現状の振り返りや、長期的な目標にむけてどのような点に注力、また改善していかなければならないかについてアドバイス。15日は、アドバイスをより活かすための事例紹介や基本概念などをお伝えする予定です。 We will continue this series of seminars with the aim to improve the clients’ products and services. We hope that by doing so, we can directly lead to the creation of a stronger economic structure in the region. Look forward to our next update! この販路拡大ゼミが「より良い商品・サービスの提供」、「街の経済発展」に繋がっていくよう、継続的に活動してまいります!次回のアップデートを乞うご期待!

Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Rebuilding

Architecture for Humanity is collaborating with local design and construction professionals to reconstruct the northern region of Japan, where the earthquake and tsunami hit on March 11, 2011. It has been three years since the disaster, but many communities still need assistance in long-term reconstruction.