MakiBiz RFP: 5 Projects Complete, 4 More on Their Way!

The MakiBiz Request for Proposal (RFP) program provides architectural and business support to help small and medium businesses build a sustainable and resilient future in Tohoku.


Five projects have already been completed. The remaining four projects are currently in construction, permitting and design phases!


Read the progress below.


(Learn more about the small businesses and entrepreneurs that are benefiting from from the RFP initiative. ) (まきビズ「よりよい東北を」建築費助成金プログラムの支援先についての詳細はこちら)


Updates / アップデート:

Tesuki-washi Ushiogami

Construction was completed in February. On April 12 a paper making workshop for the front entrance shoji screen was held in the space, well attended by all ages. Following the workshop, everyone enjoyed participating in rice-cake-making (mochi tsuki)!



Wakaba Kindergarten

Wakaba Kindergarten has successfully completed construction, and opened its doors to new students on April 7th! The cherry blossoms in this area haven’t fully bloomed yet, but the students, their parents, and the teachers brightened up the atmosphere with smiles as they arrived at the space! With the generous donation of stationary goods from MUJI and warm support from many in the community, we look forward to seeing the students healthily and freely grow and learn in this kindergarten.




Following the construction inspection of the foundation rebar on February 26, it was determined that the structural calculations needed to be redone. This stalled construction for a month, but we finally resumed on April 2. We have installed the form work and will pour the concrete for the foundation soon.




We are anxiously awaiting a building permit, currently in the approval process from the city. Construction is scheduled to start by the end of April and finish in late August.




The architect, client and our team held a successful meeting last week and spoke about budget and scope. Currently the architects are revising the design and will have schematic designs completed within the next two weeks. Construction is set to be completed at the end of July.



Tamiko Abe

The same team as Konpiramaru is working on this project simultaneously. Construction is also set to be completed at the end of July.



Completed Projects / 竣工済プロジェクト

Yamadai-Utsumi Suisan

Yamayo Suisan

Sasaki Tekko


Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Rebuilding

Architecture for Humanity is collaborating with local design and construction professionals to reconstruct the northern region of Japan, where the earthquake and tsunami hit on March 11, 2011. It has been three years since the disaster, but many communities still need assistance in long-term reconstruction.