LOCOL: Low-Cost Low-Energy Climate Responsive Facade

Related Program: Pillars of Sustainable Education

The second workshop of the project “Emerging Envelope – European Facade Network MOBILE (efnM)” took place in Bath, UK from 02-06 June 2014. Invited participants included “International Facade Design and Construction” (IFDC) students from University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany and “Sustainable Environmental Engineering” students from University of Bath.

The workshop powered by Alcoa Foundation and Architecture for Humanity is to educate architects and engineers by hand on tools activities.

Following the success of the first international event in Detmold, Germany on 26-28 November 2013, this second workshop aims to focus on sustainable environmental low cost facades applied for different climate zones for instance: North Africa, China, hot and humid climates.

The background ideas and concepts for this workshop have been prepared by students from the two universities since March 2014.

Before the workshop, the Mobile, which will travel to all experimental workshops belonging to efnM, was filled with materials and equipment, ready to be transported to University of Bath, England.

During four intensive workshop days, students were able to develop and complete their mock-ups. The topic for the workshop was, “how to design energy effective facades for different climates, with half the price of local’s traditional systems”. The mock-ups were designed to fulfill all required fields and brought different functions to their facades: simple solar chimney, ventilation and dehumidify system, and a shading systems.

The final mock-ups were exhibited at the conference “Future Envelope 8 – Mind the Gap”, organized by the Centre of Windows and Cladding Technologies (CWCT). It was a good chance for the students to collect expert opinions and further develop their designs.

Pillars of Sustainable Education

Architecture for Humanity and Alcoa Foundation have come together to support the realization of community-based projects that explore innovations in design, materials and building systems.