Ile a Vache Community Plan Completed

As a first step in engaging Ile a Vache in the development and creation of a 10-year investment plan, Architecture for Humanity partnered with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to conduct participatory community development planning. This partnership was formed in response to an RFP released by the foundation as part of their 10-year commitment to several communes in Haiti.

Ile a Vache is a remote island located in the South of Haiti, with its population of 14,000 inhabitants mostly living off of their crops and through their finishing businesses.

To begin the process of participatory planning, Architecture for Humanity created a community platform of 26 members representing the 26 municipal subdivisions of the island. The community platform was our connection to the community and the voice of the community to the process. The comments of the community platform and its insights, provided the analytical data that defined the community, its wants and its needs.

Architecture for Humanity’s team of planners worked with the community platform to create a development plan that will define the future of Ile a Vache. The professionals from our Haiti Rebuilding Center first conducted a case study exercise to better understand the conditions on the ground, and detailed maps and diagrams of the localities on the island were then produced to better illustrate the existing conditions. This work defined the obstacles that were preventing organized, logical development of the island. With this as foundational information, Architecture for Humanity’s community engagement specialists engaged the local residents to better understand local conditions such as base infrastructure, community organization, economic activity hubs, morphology of the island, and the island’s social structure.

In the end, the final result, the ‘Technical and Participatory Development Plan‘ was presented and handed over to the community and local government agencies in the hope of guiding the future development of the island. The community grew out of the experience stronger, not only connecting with each other and being part of the process together, but also by understanding the opportunities and challenges of their living environments.

Community Workshop

Handover of the final document to the Community Platform, August 2014

Example of a diagnostic map

Check out the final report here.

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