Haiti Update: October 2014

École Nationale Republique d’Argentine

École Nationale Republique d’Argentine is a primary school in Port-au-Prince that served a student population of over 1300 students before the 2010 earthquake. Two of the major classroom blocks were destroyed by the earthquake, and their reconstruction is currently underway.

With the first phase of construction complete and the second one nearly done, the team is now working on the final finishes – an opening ceremony to celebrate this great achievement is scheduled for the end of October. The children will soon have access to a brand new cafeteria, an outdoor auditorium space, and three additional classrooms that are covered with a double-layered metal roof to offer well-ventilated spaces with plentiful natural light. All structures have been rebuilt using safe, anti-seismic construction methods.

This project has been funded with the support of the Clinton Foundation.


École Elie Dubois

Elie Dubois is an all-girls secondary school located on a one-hundred year-old campus. The historic buildings have been damaged during the earthquake, and the project aims to rebuild three new buildings for Phase 1, before renovating the main building for phase 2.

Phase 1 of the project, which includes a brand new cafeteria and three new classrooms, has been completed. The construction team is now working on the renovation of the historical classroom building, completely reconstructing the roof and the wooden framework. The completion of works is scheduled for December 2014.


Ile-a-Vache Community Action Plan 

During the past four years in (2011-2014), Architecture for Humanity’s community development efforts on the island of Ile-a-Vache were centered on a number of key aspects aimed at ensuring sustainable development and visitor experience: education, capacity building and training, and environmental conservation. A grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation was used to create and organize community development activities, which incorporated workshops and theatrical events. These included the design and implementation of a community action plan that is designated to help steer the community’s future development.

All activities were co-designed and developed with the help of the communities’ participation, ensuring that the activities and projected plan were truly appropriate in addressing the needs and problems that had been identified by local people. Architecture for Humanity’s Haiti office uses a two-pronged test with the community to be able to identify their specific needs. Firstly, we conduct a full diagnosis of the local area to see what the primary issues are, and secondly, we develop a strategic plan to develop long-term solutions for those identified issues. The Ile-a-Vache community action plan was completed and handed over to the community on August 18, 2014.

The community platform received the plan with great enthusiasm as it collects new data relative to their living area. They were also really satisfied as it was the first time that an NGO has actually delivered on its promises, delivering a tangible report to be used by the whole island’s community.


American Red Cross: Two Civil Society Organization Buildings

The architectural team in Haiti has started working on the design of two buildings for the American Red Cross. The two buildings will host different activities and will be in two separate locations: the first is southeast of downtown Port-au-Prince, in Carrefour Feuille; the second is in Canaan, north of Port-au-Prince. The programming phase is currently under way to determine the needs and goals of the users at each site.

We will be posting more updates on the emerging concepts and schematic designs for each building in the next few weeks and months.

Haiti Rebuilding Center

The Haiti Rebuilding Center run by Architecture for Humanity, is the headquarters for long-term reconstruction projects in Haiti. The Rebuilding Center is a one-stop shop for design and construction services, professional training, consumer awareness, professional referrals and construction bid opportunities.