Haiti Digest: June 2014


This month, the Community Development Studio finished drafting the Grand Ravine Development Plan after months of hard work.

The Development Plan provides the vision of Grand Ravine formed through the collaborative design process with the community and through the development of strategic plans. These strategies are: providing an environmental protection policy, developing sustainable landuse prescriptives, and fostering social cohesion through improved access to basic services and housing, and increased community participation. By having worked so closely with the community to create the Development Plan, the members of Grand Ravine are enabled to take ownership of the development process so they may continue to improve their socio-spatial circumstances in the future.
On June 18th two of our architects, Christian Beaulieu and Marco Duran, presented the Grand Ravine Development Plan to CIAT (Comité Interministériel d’Aménagement du Territoire), the government agency charged with approving all the urban plans in Haiti. The document was approved without any objections, and received the congratulations of CIAT. Rose-May Guignard, a member of the committee, observed that this was the best planning document ever made in Haiti.
We are very proud of our Community Development team’s commitment to excellence and talent. These wonderful people make the Rebuilding Center so well reputed and sought after by local and international players investing in Haiti’s development.


Collège Coeur Immaculé de Marie (CIM)

Collège Coeur Immaculé de Marie (CIM) in downtown Port-au-Prince is rebuilding permanent facilities for 850 girls in grades 1-12. The school, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012, was completely destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. With support from the FIDEMA Foundation in Belgium, the new school will include 24 classrooms including science classrooms, a computer lab, a library and media room, new administrative spaces, a kitchen, new bathrooms, a large multi-purpose room, and dedicated sport courts and gardens. Phase 1, currently underway, involves the building of 9 new classrooms.

École Nationale Republique d’Argentine

École Nationale Republique d’Argentine is a primary school Port-au-Prince, which served a student population of over 1300 students before the 2010 earthquake. 2 of the major classroom blocks were destroyed by the earthquake, which have been repaired and new construction is currently underway.
The overall campus reconstruction is being administered in 2 phases, the first of which is already complete. Phase 2 constructions, including 3 classrooms, an administration building, cafeteria, playground, and sanitary block, is being built on the original foundation of the school and is expected to be completed in Fall 2014.
The project is being funded by the Clinton Foundation.


École Elie Dubois

Phase 1 for École Elie Dubois, which involved developing the master plan for the kitchen, cafeteria, and sanitary block including an on the ground bio-digester have already been successfully completed.

The Haiti Rebuilding Center will start construction administration as soon as two contractors hired by Fonds dAssistance Economique et Sociale (FAES) are selected. The construction will include renovations for the historical classroom building, upgrades to the site, and a full basement renovation and a restaurant for the new culinary school at École Elie Dubois.



Meet and Greet – June 27, 6:00 p.m. at the Haiti Rebuilding Center (12 rue Rebecca)
The Rebuilding Center’s monthly Meet and Greet hosts a plethora of local entrepreneurs and representatives of NGOs. This month, Kirsten Brouse of the University of Ottawa, will be presenting her research on learning and adaptability strategies of organizations in Haiti.Stop by!



Project Phase (P): Stage %Complete
Île-à-Vache Report Complete.

Final report to be printed after French translation.
Grand Ravine Report Complete.

Final report to be printed after French translation.
École Elie Dubois P2: Construction Administration 75%
École Nationale Republique d’Argentine P2: Construction Administration 52%
Collège Coeur Immaculé de Marie P2: Bid and Negotiation 100%

CA Construction Administration; CD Construction Document; DD Design Development; SD Schematic Design; PD Pre-Design- About the Phases

Find out more about our Haiti Reconstruction Program here.

Haiti Rebuilding Center

The Haiti Rebuilding Center run by Architecture for Humanity, is the headquarters for long-term reconstruction projects in Haiti. The Rebuilding Center is a one-stop shop for design and construction services, professional training, consumer awareness, professional referrals and construction bid opportunities.


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