Baseball Camp with Special Guest! Park for All in Kamaishi


On May 27, an opening event was held for our Park for All​ in Kamaishi project – a project we managed with the support of Nike Japan.  This project is part of Nike Japan’s ‘All for Japan’ program, which provides long-term support to tsunami-affected communities through sports initiatives. 

ナイキジャパンによる、東日本大震災で甚大な被害を受けた方々や地域に向けた、スポーツを通じた長期支援活動「All for Japan」の一環で、私たちもお手伝いさせていただいた『釜石みんなのひろば』のオープニングイベントが5月27日に行われました。

Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi, baseball commentator and former professional pitcher on two major league baseball teams (Tohoku Rakuten Eagles and Hanshin Tigers) attended this event, to coach the Kamaishi Higashi Junior High School baseball team for the duration of their practice.


Under clear skies, 31 young baseball players filled the field surrounded by a large group of parents and community members.  The children, nervous at first, listened earnestly to Shimoyanagi’s coaching and practiced with all their heart for the entirety of the 40-minute session!


The children stated, ​’It was uncomfortable practicing in temporary grounds in the temporary school.  The addition of the clubhouse has made this a place where we can now practice comfortably and happily, all thanks to everyone’s support.’  

Mr. Shimoyanagi also shared his warm message to the children, ‘It made me so happy to be welcomed by the smiling faces of these children who have experienced hardship that most will never face.  I want the children to make this a place where they can grow comfortably.  Baseball is a sport that is impossible to be played alone.  When you play catch ball, you throw the ball to someone thinking about your teammates next play.  I hope that the children will grow to become adults that care for their friends and others around them, and support each other, just as in catch ball.’

​子どもたちは、「仮校舎の中の仮設のグランドで、はじめは固い状態だったけれど、支援でクラブハウスを建ててくれるなど、普通に練習できるようになってとても嬉しい。」とコメント。下柳氏からは「誰も経験したことがないような辛いことがあった子どもたちだけど、素晴らしい笑顔で迎えてくれて本当に嬉しかった。子どもたちには、この場所でのびのびと育ってほしい。野球は絶対に一人ではできないスポーツ。キャッチボールで相手の胸に投げるのは、味方の次のプレーを考えてのこと。 子どもたちにもキャッチボールのように、友達や周りの人たちを思いやり、力を合わせられる大人になってもらいたい。」と子どもたちへの暖かいメッセージをいただきました。

We hope that this field will nurture professional baseball players in the future!


Park for All in Kamaishi held a ceremony to celebrate the end of construction, to officially open the project on June 15.  Look forward to a report on this event, coming soon!


Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Rebuilding

Architecture for Humanity is collaborating with local design and construction professionals to reconstruct the northern region of Japan, where the earthquake and tsunami hit on March 11, 2011. It has been three years since the disaster, but many communities still need assistance in long-term reconstruction.