10th Year Anniversary: Letter from Eugene da Silva

In celebration of our tenth anniversary, Architecture for Humanity is embarking on a fundraising campaign to support our chapters, grow the Open Architecture Network and bring critical design services to more communities in need. With your support, we can harness the power of the last ten years to make an even greater impact in the next ten years. Join us.

Donate $10 a month and help us bring good design to communities in need for another 10 years.

We’ve gathered a growing collection of letters from some of the many individuals and organizations who have helped give a voice to designing a more sustainable future. We will be featuring a new letter each month throughout the year.

Dear Architecture For Humanity,

Isn’t it amazing?

Isn’t it amazing that whilst the rest of world searches to grow their companies through advertising campaigns, expand their staff through HR departments, and continuously look at their pockets for extra cash….Architecture for Humanity just seem to grow as a worldwide machine that spreads like fire, receive staffing requests, and gain voluntary response and donations to anything that they set their minds to…

Isn’t it amazing?

When chatting to people about the work that we do, almost every person wants to become, either part of the process or link into similar processes in their fields of expertise. This, in my humble opinion, is the key to success. It’s like watching a James Bond movie, and thinking that you can do everything that he did, just after watching the movie.It’s what makes the entire world feel that they can make a difference, and through this network, they can.

Isn’t it amazing?

….knowing that you are waking up to help 4365 people gain access to clean water and have a dustless playing space. When 4365 people cook their food, it will be half safe through the skills and knowledge that gets imparted once first and third world collide. That architecture influences 4365 attitudes to life.

It’s been a wonderful process waking up. Thanks to all at Architecture for Humanity that are making the living conditions on planet earth better. Thanks for all the architects and designers out there that are contributing to a better future. All the nights that are spend out of hours ensuring a better tomorrow.

Here is my tip of the day; grab your laptop and link into something bigger, something better and something that has all the basic tools for you to make a difference through architecture, right there at your local Wi-Fi spot.

Isn’t it amazing?

Eugene da Silva