10th Year Anniversary: Letter from Maddy Burke-Vigeland

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We’ve gathered a growing collection of letters from some of the many individuals and organizations who have helped give a voice to designing a more sustainable future. We will be featuring a new letter each month throughout the year.

Kate and Cameron and all at AFH,

In many ways I am surprised to hear that AFH is only 10 years old – the impact and significance that you have achieved in the world today surely represent a lifetime of goodness! In fact, when Cameron (as a twentysomething) first told me about his ‘hobby’ I realized from the passion and clarity with which he spoke, that even in its infancy, this was an idea that was mature beyond its year, as well as a life calling for this bright young architect. Over the first few years, I did wonder if Kate knew what she was in for…but when Cameron started giving radio interviews from his cell phone, I realized there was no turning back! It is a lesson for us all to see two individuals and their committed staff connect the dots and make the world a better place – everyday.

It is my privilege to be a part of Architecture for Humanity and I send very best wishes on the occasion of this incredibly significant milestone!

Maddy Burke-Vigeland AIA
Principal, Gensler