10 Years Of Designing Like We Give A Damn

“There are a lot of well meaning people in the world, and I”ve met quite a few through my pro bono legal work. But I don”t know anyone other than Cameron and Kate who, in addition to having good intentions, have the talent, solid business sense and drive to create anything like the AFH we see today.”
– Steve Meier Read More

The Power Of Ten We”ve gathered a growing collection of letters from some of the many individuals and organizations who have helped give a voice to designing a more sustainable future. We will be featuring a new letter each month throughout the year. April: Cameron Sinclair May: Chuck Lauster June: Steve Meier July: Scott Mattoon August: Dhaka Chapter September: Bill Stallworth October: Kris Wangsadiputra November: Orient Global December: Bob Ivy January: Carol Auld February: Eugene Da Silva March: Samir Shah April: Maddy Burke-Vigeland May: N.Radha
Events 10th Anniversary Celebration (view photos) In celebration of our tenth anniversary, Architecture for Humanity is embarking on a fundraising campaign to support our chapters, grow the Open Architecture Network and bring critical design services to more communities in need. With your support, we can harness the power of the last ten years to make an even greater impact in the next ten years. Join us. Limited edition items to honor and celebrate Architecture for Humanity”s” 10th Anniversary: Medium Commuter featuring Lulan “Sunrise” handwoven fabric. To order, please visit www.rickshawbags.com. Place your order for a black Commuter (Skinny, Small or Medium) and/or black Moleskine Folio, and note your fabric choice in the “Comments” box during checkout. A portion of your purchase is donated directly to Architecture For Humanity.