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A Worthy Cause for Humanity

Are you looking for the best charities you can donate to?

Humanity has made a huge amount of progress in the last hundred years or so. But that does not mean everyone has been fortunate or privileged enough to get all the same benefits and comforts you have.

There are many parts of humanity who lack basic necessities of humanity such as food, water or medical treatment. There are just as many people who don’t have a chance to better their lives. They can’t get proper education, jobs or other opportunities.

There are a lot of mixed causes and effects that lead to this situation. It isn’t possible to simply throw money at the problem until it goes away. If it was, humanity would be a lot more developed than it is.

So, you might be wondering, ‘How can I help them? How can I get in touch with my humanity?’

Charities are the way to help them. The best way you can contribute is by choosing a charity to donate to. You will be helping others, and you will feel better about yourself as you do a good deed for humanity. Many wealthy people set up charities and foundations in order to stay in touch with their individual humanity.

Keep reading to find out exactly why you should donate to a Charity!

Why Donate To A Charity?

Suppose you decide to help out some underprivileged people for the sake of humanity. But why should you donate to a charity rather than giving them the money directly? You decide to give one family a thousand dollars. But how do you know they will use the money carefully?

They might think, “We can use this money to buy new clothes and have a good meal!” They have more money on hand than they are used to. So, they may end up overspending and buying unnecessary luxuries.

Of course, not everyone will do this. Many people will use the money wisely, saving or investing it. The nature of humanity is unpredictable.

On the other hand, charities focus on the basic needs of humanity. The money you donate to a charity will go towards providing necessities. A charity will provide essential and nutritious food they need to stay healthy. A charity will provide education, which they can use to get better qualifications and job opportunities.


So, if you are looking to contribute to the cause, you should choose the best charity to donate to! At AFH, we have selected the charities near you where you can make the biggest impact on humanity!

Donate to a charity and make a lasting impact!

Charities And Causes Near You!

Charity Donate

Charities aren’t just for underprivileged people half the world away. There are many local charities very close to you! These charities, founded for the sake of humanity, try to help people who are struggling to get by.

Here are just a few of the things Charities in your local area are trying to accomplish for the sake of humanity:

  • Sheltering those who have lost their homes and are living on the streets. In many cities, the price of rent has risen tremendously. It’s not possible for some people to continuously pay rent even with a stable job. The best charities to donate to would be the ones that aim to help these people get back on their feet.
  • Helping those with medical needs. Many people cannot get access to medicines and prescriptions they need because it is too expensive. For example, there are many people with diabetes who cannot afford insulin all the time. Some people also need treatment for mental health, but cannot afford therapy.
  • The best charities to donate to would be the ones that provide necessary medicines and help to impoverished communities.
  • Sheltering those who have left abusive situations. For example, Men’s or Women’s shelters require donations in order to keep supporting victims. Protecting them is a very important part of humanity.
  • Fighting for the rights of humanity. Some charities aim to support a cause rather than a specific group of people. For example, there are many places where LGBT+ people still do not have some basic rights. These charities use donations to support those people, raise awareness and encourage the government to make progressive laws.
  • Providing education to those who deserve, but cannot afford it. Educational charities are a very broad range. It starts at helping poorer children in impoverished neighbourhoods, and goes all the way up to providing scholarships for higher education at your local university.
  • It is up to you to decide which of these are the best charities to donate to for you.
  • Providing legal support. There are many people who have been unjustly treated. However, they cannot afford to get justice because they cannot pay legal fees – good lawyers are quite expensive. Being treated fairly and justly is an integral part of humanity, so some of the best charities to donate to are legal aid charities.
  • Some charities don’t focus on people, but rather animals or the environment. For example, animal shelters focus on taking care of stray animals. Environmental charities focus on planting trees, helping raise awareness about pollution, protecting nature reserves, and so on.
  • Some may think these are not the best charities to donate to because they don’t focus on humanity. This is quite incorrect, because humanity lives in harmony with other plants and animals on this planet
  • Relieving people after a disaster. This can be a huge natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake. But it can also be a smaller accident, like an apartment building catching on fire.

The above are just a few examples of what some of the best local charities to donate to are targeting to accomplish. Some charities like Cards against Humanity are aggregators instead – they take your donations and pass it to other charities.

Some charities also focus on helping with niche necessities. For instance, they help provide transport for people who live too far from where they work, but cannot afford a vehicle. Some charities help provide warm clothing for the winter. Some charities help people find jobs. The list goes on and on!

There is no limit to humanity or the number of ways you can help people. Even a small donation can go a long way.

A donation, no matter how small or big, can change someone’s life!

Charities And Causes Over The World!

For some people, the best charity to donate to might be one that operates on a global scale. These charities are known worldwide, as they work for the sake of humanity in dozens of different countries.

The Best Charities to Donate Car

It doesn’t matter if they also receive donations from millionaires. If you want to donate to their causes, feel free to! Some of the causes global charities support include:


Food, Health, Education

There are many parts of the world where people don’t have enough food or clean water to sustain themselves through the day. A single, moderately-sized donation from you would be a great act of humanity that could feed such a family for a whole week!

Donations you make towards their education will go towards giving then books and stationery, or supporting their community’s teachers. If you want to make a huge difference in someone’s life right now and help humanity, no matter who they are, these charities are the best charities to donate to.

Disaster relief for parts of humanity in less developed countries

Some of the best charities to donate to focus on helping people survive after natural disasters in those regions. Developed countries are capable of handling disasters much better than underdeveloped countries.

In a developed country, even if someone loses their home in a hurricane, they can drive to a friend or relative’s place nearby and later get insurance money. But in less developed countries, most people don’t have insurance at all. They can lose all their worldly possessions in one fell swoop. What kind of humanity are we showing if we let them suffer?

Medical Research

There are many diseases humanity still suffers from. However, carrying out medical research is extremely expensive. There are many charities that rely on donations to fund medical research that will lead humanity to a better tomorrow. These charities use their donations to contribute to cancer, malaria, AIDS, etc.

If you are someone who looks towards the future betterment of humanity, these are the best charities to donate to.

At AFH, we have a database of all the best charities to donate to, both local and global. It is up to you to decide what cause of humanity you want to support.

Support the cause of humanity both locally and globally!

How We Chose The Best Charities To Donate To

Before you start donating to a charity, it’s important to know as much as you can about it. The best charity to donate to should not be picked lightly. Most charities are devoted to helping others. However, there are a few charities that your money should not go to.

Some charities are not really charities at all. Rather, they are frauds or money laundering schemes. They don’t really have humanity of their own. They will take your money and keep it for their own selfish purposes. They might spend a very small portion of their donations in order to keep up appearances, while pocketing the rest.

It’s a sad fact of humanity that some people will always try to look towards their own benefit rather than the betterment of all humanity. That’s why it’s important to know what the best charities to donate to are.

If you want to make the biggest impact possible, you should pick the best charity to donate to. At AFH, our goal is to make sure your money goes to the right people. We understand why you want to help humanity, and we will do our utmost to help you.

We have compiled a list of the best charities to donate to that are near you. These are the charities that could use your donations the most. If you donate to international charities, you might never see the impact of your efforts even if you make a big difference.

On the other hand, donating to a local charity will show you the impact you can make. For example, after you donate to a homeless shelter, and encourage your friends and family to do so too, you will see fewer and fewer homeless people on the streets.

Humanity is all about helping each other. That is how we function as a society.

Here are the best charities to donate to that are near you!

Our Criteria For Deciding The Best Charity To Donate To

On one hand, not all charities are legitimate. Some charities are also not very good at using the donated money. On the other hand, some charities deserve donations more than others. So, how did we decide which charities are the best charities to donate to for humanity?

There were a few factors we used to determine that.

Having a solid goal in mind

The best charity to donate to will have a clear goal. They will have a mission they are entirely focused on. If a charity cannot clearly decide what their goal is, they probably cannot decide how to spend the money they are getting either.

For instance, a small local charity claims they help people with everything, whether it is food, medicines or shelter. Is it the best charity to donate to?

Now, it might be possible for a charity to help with everything. However, in the best-case scenario, that charity can only afford to give a few people food and a few other people medicines. By trying to do everything, they have spread themselves too thin for the sake of humanity and can’t accomplish any one goal meaningfully.

In the worst-case scenario, they are simply pocketing the donations and using a wide range of activities to hide it.

So, when we encounter a charity that does not have a clear goal in mind, we make sure to look closely at them. Usually, they are not the best charities to donate to. For a charity to meet our criteria, they must have a specific goal in mind that will clearly help humanity.

Having a solid plan in mind

This is best illustrated through an example. Let’s take a charity that helps the homeless. In order to be the best charity to donate to, this charity must have a good plan of action. It might be work in a series of steps. 

First, provide a homeless person with a safe place to sleep for a while. Second, connect them to a separate charity that will help them find a job. Third, help them find an affordable apartment and set them up with roommates who can help share the load.

The money you contribute would go to paying for food or shelter during the first step, and transportation for the second step. Overall, you could be contributing directly to humanity by helping others improve their lot in life permanently. A charity like this would be one of the best charities to donate to.

A charity that has a good idea of how to approach their goal will always be much more effective. Think of another charity that helps the homeless – this charity’s approach is to simply shelter them. But housing someone for a long time can become expensive.

So, this charity will only be able to help a few people at a time or they might risk running out of money. Therefore, they will not be as effective, and definitely won’t be the best charity to donate to.

By looking at how a charity plans to accomplish its goals, we can tell if that charity is spending donations effectively or not.

Keeping track of everything

Unfortunately, greediness is a part of humanity. Our biggest concern is being vigilant of illegitimate charities that will simply steal your money. There is no feeling worse than thinking you have given your money away to the best charity to donate to, only to find that the money is simply gone.

In order to prove that they are legitimately working for the betterment of humanity, most charities and non-profit organizations regularly give out information about their donations and expenditures.

By looking at this information closely, we can determine if they are legitimately spending money for humanity. This becomes easier to check when a charity has a clear goal and plan.

If we see a charity claim they spent several thousand dollars on medicines without properly listing their purchases, that is immediately suspicious. Who knows how much of that money was spent on real medicine and how much on drugs?

The best charity to donate to would be one that keeps an exact record of how much money was spent on which medicines, and which individuals receive those medicines.

There are many people who would gladly take advantage of others while claiming to be working for humanity. That’s why, before anyone donates to a charity, they should verify that the Charity is fully legitimate.

Verifying this can take a lot of time and effort, especially for an individual. That’s why, to save you this trouble, we have selected the best charities you can donate to.

Having a strong cause

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how often this isn’t present. When looking for the best charity to donate to, we also look at the people behind the charity, not just the charity itself. This can be easy or hard, depending on who the founders or managers of the charity are.

Some people run a charity simply because it makes them look good. Others are genuinely interested in getting in touch with their humanity. They want to create a better future for all of humanity by helping out those with less power or privilege than them. The best charity to donate to will always be the latter rather than the former.

All the charities in our database have been vetted. They are legitimate organisations that only seek to help humanity. So, if you have chosen the best charity to donate to, go right ahead!

Donate, and reach out to your humanity by helping others!

How Can I Donate For The Cause Of Humanity?

The first step to helping humanity is to find out the best charity to donate to for you. Keep in mind that you should pick a cause you are passionate about. Even if you pick the best charity to donate to, the best way to help humanity is to work for the cause with passion.

Even after you donate, you can do a lot more to help. We encourage you to spread awareness about the causes you are helping! You can direct your friends and family to the best charity to donate to. You can even join volunteering events and rallies and use various personal or professional skills to contribute to the cause.

For instance, lawyers or physicians can offer to take pro bono cases to help legal or medical charities.

By working together, we can build a better future for humanity!


Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on you. Whether you want to feel better by donating, or want to help for the sake of humanity, there are many charities out there. You can check our database to find the best charities to donate to and the causes they support!

We take every possible measure to find out if a charity is legitimate or not before including them on AFH. We won’t include them unless we’re sure they’re working for humanity. Rest assured if you pick one of the best charities to donate to that we have selected. All the charities in our database have been fully vetted as legitimate

Of course! As we mentioned, every little bit helps. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or a billionaire, you can make a difference for humanity by donating to the best charity to donate to for you. It isn’t just money you can donate. You can also gift material things directly, such as clothes, food, etc. Don’t be afraid to step up and make a difference!

It isn’t really a donation if you are expecting something in return, is it? Even then, donating to charity won’t leave you empty-handed. Some organizations like Cards against Humanity let you buy something and send all the proceedings to a charity. For larger charities, you can donate to get tax-related benefits!

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