Haiti Rebuilding Center Staff

Rolande Augustin, Administrative Assistant

Rolande, a Port-au-Prince native, graduated from the Institut des Hautes Études Commerciales et Economiuqes (I.H.E.C.E.) with a degree in Economics in 2007. She worked as a credit agent for the Haitian microfinance association ACME before joining the Rebuilding Center in February 2011.

Eric Cesal, Regional Program Manager Full staff bio

Coming from previous post-disaster work with Architecture for Humanity in Biloxi and New Orleans, Eric was asked to launch the Haiti Rebuilding Center in Port-au-Prince shortly following the earthquake. Eric carries a Masters in Construction Management and an MBA from Washington University St. Louis, and oversees ground operations of the Haiti Rebuilding Center.

Natalie Desrosiers, Design Fellow

“Many people have left the country, but those who really love Haiti have stayed. That’s why I came back.” Born in Haiti, Natalie moved abroad to undertake studies in architecture. While living overseas, she worked for different architectural firms, performing a number of internal designing tasks and monitoring work on site. She decided to return and put her skills to the benefit of her country, living by the principle of those-who-are-given-much-are-asked-to-give, helping to spread what she’s learned and experienced. In September 2011, Natalie joined the Architecture for Humanity team, willing to pay it forward and make a true difference.

Henri Dupont, Bati Byen Liaison Officer

After spending a couple of decades in the States, Henri returned to his native land to give back to his community. In August 2011, Henri joined Architecture for Humanity as the Liason officer for the Rebuilding Center. He has previously worked for Superior Bank/Lenders Bank as a senior mortgage officer, and has volunteered for a number of non-profit organizations in the Miami area.

Kate Evarts, Education Architecture Design Fellow

Kate is a licensed architect and LEED AP from Seattle. She has over 20 years experience in educational and cultural projects in New York, Zurich, and Seattle. She received her M.Arch from UCLA. Kate’s professional focus has been on campus master planning and design for K-12 schools. Her work has emphasized community engagement and educational outreach with a strong emphasis on programming. Kate joined Rebuilding Center in April 2011. She brings her expertise in educational design to help oversee the Center’s school projects.

Sergine Francoeur, Development Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

Born in New York, Sergine was raised in Port-au-Prince. She earned degrees in Business Administration and Health Administration from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and worked for several years as a distribution manager for One World Telecom. Sergine moved back to Haiti to give back to her community and has been with the Rebuilding Center since January 2011.

Darren Gill, Program Coordinator

Darren comes to the Haiti team following a design fellowship with Architecture for Humanity building the earth block-based Nakaseeta Academy in rural Uganda. Previously, Darren has worked on a wide variety of projects in Haiti and India, including the design and construction of homes and schools, and environmental conservation work. He now oversees design and construction for the Rebuilding Center.

Burtland Granvil, AIA-USBGC/LEED Design Fellow

Burtland is a Registered Architect and LEED AP from New York. With over ten years of experience, mainly in Construction Administration of various educational projects, he joins the Haiti Rebuilding Center to help with its long-term efforts. His role also expands to guiding Architecture for Humanity Haiti interns & volunteers through the IDP process. Burtland is a descendant of Haitian parents and is interested in building back better while maintaining Haiti’s culture.

Stanley Joseph, Construction Outreach Supervisor

Stanley, of Pétion-Ville, recently joined Architecture for Humanity following his work as a technician of a construction project for École Professionelle Sainte Trinite. Stanley studied computer science at École Coeur-Unité, graduating in 2009.

Jean René Lafontant, Architectural Design Fellow

Jean René studied architecture at the University of Quisqueya in Port-au-Prince, graduating in 2007. He has practiced with local firm URAU and has conducted research with ISPAN (Institute for the Protection of National Heritage) and the Tourism Ministry. Jean René joined Architecture for Humanity in February 2011 to assit in architecture and construction management.

Jacques Nixon, Construction Outreach Supervisor

Jacques, born an raised in Pétion-Ville, brings his Civil Engineering education at Institut Superieur Technique d’Haiti (ISTH) and his experience as supervisor at Bureau d’Etudes et d’Execution des Projets de Developpement to supervise construction outreach with Architecture for Humanity. Jacques has performed in this capacity since April 2011.

Sandhya Naidu Janardhan, Program Coordinator

Sandhya joined Architecture for Humanity as Program Coordinator in June 2010. Previously, she held a design fellowship, working on Razi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India, standardizing and establishing an infrastructure for low-cost health clinics. Sandhya also worked on the 2009 Open Architecture Challenge, conducting research and working with low-cost private schools in Hyderabad and Uganda. Sandhya is a licensed architect with the Council of Architecture, India.

Ulrick Pierre, Construction Outreach Supervisor

Ulrick was born and raised in the northern community of Plaisance, Haiti, and comes to Architecture for Humanity following studies in Civil Engineering at Institut Superieur Technique d’Haiti (ISTH), graduating in 2008. Ulrick spent the following three years building residences and schools while teaching physics and math.

Frédérique Siegel, Urban Planning Design Fellow

Frédérique earned a degree in Urban Planning at Columbia University, and is a current Graduate Fellow in Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism with the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment, in London. She has worked in various planning and development capacities in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Brooklyn and St. Paul. Frédérique now advises on planning and transportation issues that arise in various projects at the Rebuilding Center.

Stephany Sirius, Development Coordinator

Stephany, a Haitian American, earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, and had an opportunity to work for Caterpillar immediately after college. During that time, she developed a new and profound interest in entrepreneurship and teaching. Her hobby of traveling brought Stephany back to Haiti, reconnecting her to the country. Stephany is excited to work with Architecture for Humanity on the establishment and implementation of innovative methods of instruction and also bring enlightenment and informational tools that this new generation could utilize via this new media concept through education.

Olivia Stinson, Urban Planning Design Fellow

After completing a planning degree in New York City, Olivia moved to post-Katrina New Orleans to work on affordable housing development and was a fellow with Rockefeller Foundation Urban Redevelopment Fellowship. Interested in international development, she moved to Jakarta, Indonesia to work for the World Bank on the city’s climate change strategy, completing a published study and educational film on climate change adaptation. Her planning work involves helping governments and communities in developing countries harness good design for urban development problems in disaster-affected areas.

Martine Theodore, Economic Development Director

A native Haitian, Martine brings a broad range of experience spanning Haitian Community Radio and cable television in Port-au-Prince, translation and interpretation services, direction of community associations, non-profit and business consultation in Chicago and direction of economic development of Little Haiti in Miami, Florida. Martine works at the Rebuilding Center building tools for the re-emergence, modernization and formalization of Haitian business.

Hall of Fame

Stephane Cherduville, Construction Management Design Fellow

Stephane studied Civil Engineering at Tufts University in Boston, graduating in 2009. As a Design Fellow, Stephane is responsible for the contractor bid process and construction management.

Rick Ehlert, Structural Engineer

Rick serves as the voice of structural reason for the enthusiastic architects of AFH Haiti. His passion for rebuilding a safe Haiti comes from his resolve that the devastation of January 12, 2010 should never again be repeated in Haiti. Rick’s 32 years of structural engineering experience combine with his past humanitarian and volunteer efforts to be a positive force in Haiti’s reconstruction efforts. He utilizes his vast knowledge of seismic engineering, search and rescue disaster response, and structure behavior to help Haitian engineers improve their skills. Rick holds a masters degree in civil engineering and is a registered professional engineer in 3 states.

Dave Hampton, J/P HRO Design Fellow

Previously of Chicago, Dave as worked as a licensed architect, LEED AP and certified Passive House ™ consultant on sustainable retrofits, rooftop gardens and living wall designs through his firm Echo Studio. Dave also founded Urban Habitat Chicago, an Illinois nonprofit that encourages sustainable concepts and practices in urban environments. Dave presently lives and works with the J/P Haiti Relief Organization on various projects–including improvements to the Pétionville Club internally-displaced persons camp, as well as clinic and housing design and construction services in dense urban communities of Port-au-Prince.

Carl Harrigan, Construction Management Design Fellow

Carl studied Civil Engineering at the University of Florida, where for two years he assisted PhD students and conducted research with the Hurricane Research Center. After graduating in December 2009, Carl now trains fellow Haitians on proper constructions methods as an Architecture for Humanity Design Fellow.

Schendy Kernizan, Architecture Design Fellow

Schendy Kernizan is a Design Fellow with Architecture for Humanity Haiti team. Schendy was born in Newark, NJ and went to high school in Haiti at the Union School. He later received a degree in Architecture at Philadelphia University (Pennsylvania), graduating in 2008.

Stacey McMahan, AIA-USGBC/LEED Architecture Design Fellow

Stacey has taken a year off as a principal at Koch Hazard Architects in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to represent the United States Green Building Council and the American Institute of Architects as the Haiti team’s sustainability design fellow. Stacey plays a role in every design project incorporating sustainable and LEED techniques appropriate to Haiti, increasing the quality of buildings and spaces.

Lyndia Mesidor, Architecture Design Fellow

Lyndia Mesidor joined the Rebuilding Center in March 2010. Mesidor became interested in architecture while attending American Senior High School and earned a scholarship to Florida A&M University where she graduated with a Bachelor in Architecture in 2007. Born of Haitian parents, she speaks French, Creole and English. Lyndia is a natural born runner, though she hasn’t been able to for a while and complains that she’s getting too scrawny.

Dorothy Miller, Design Associate

Dot Miller first joined The Rebuilding Center in January 2011 as a volunteer from Scotland. She graduated with an MArch in 2007. After six months service she returned to Haiti in September as a Design Associate. She previously worked in a Scottish office primarily on conservation and sustainable architecture.

Gerry Reilly, Architecture Design Fellow

Gerry joined the Rebuilding Centre in 2010 after earning a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Dundee. He trained at Simpson & Brown Architects, Edinburgh, specialising in the conservation and restoration of historically protected buildings. Gerry now oversees design and construction projects, partnering with local contractors to guide safe building practices.


This work couldn’t be done without the support of our tremendous volunteers–thanks to everyone who put their talent and passion into our projects!

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