Dead or Alive 2 Slot – Special Features and Bonuses


Though the slot game is a simple game to play, it isn’t dull. We’ve got  NetEnt and their endless menagerie of unique features to thank for all of that, and this time, they’ve chosen to reward us in the way we like best – with Free Spins bonus rounds (

Players may remember Old Saloon free spins from the original Dead or Alive 2 slot. It’s the same feature, though the new game also comes with an extra set of bonus spin games which can’t be beaten. That brings the whole thing back up to three special rounds of free spins in the slot game, each wild compared to the last.

These thrilling rounds are activated when slot players land on three scatter symbols, and each one gives off twelve spins. Users can then choose which of the three games you’d like to take part in at the end of the day.

Fans might remember that the original Old Saloon bonus round from the original game gave players the chance to win extra five free spins, which was a fan’s favourite, and it is also possible with all the new bonus games you’ll get when you play.

So, the question is – what exactly are these attractive bonuses? Let’s discuss them:

Old Saloon Free Spins

Old Saloon Free Spins is the feature which players loved when they played the original Dead or Alive. When players land on a Wild with Old Saloon free spins, it will instantly turn into a sticky wild.

It means that the Wild won’t disappear over the horizon with the tumbleweed when it’s time for another spin – rather, it will stay on the line for the duration of the bonus game.

When players spin the reels, they can rest assured that they’ll be enjoying a 2x multiplier for every win. If that’s not enough, the Wilds can act to give players extra spins.

If a player manages to land the Wild on each of the five reels, it will give you five extra spins.

Train Heist Free Spins

Train Heist free spins are a brand-new option in the revamped slot game, and they also boast of a multiplier that’s up to 16x. Every time you land a Wild, the multiplier will instantly increase by 1x, while the payout on the player’s next spin will align with the new multiplier.

It will go on until slot player either use up all twelve of their free spins or hit the max multiplier of 16x.

But when you do manage to land that 16x marks with twelve free spins, you’ll be awarded extra five spins. The five free spins will be paid out with the maxed out multiplier of 16x.

High Noon Saloon

High Noon Saloon invokes images of barroom brawls and Wild Western gunfights. The High Noon Saloon feature is full of infamous sticky wilds. It also happens to the most volatile part of the entire game, their place where the potential to win 100,000x the original wager comes into play. The High Noon Saloon feature is similar to the Old Saloon, in that any of the Wild landings on the reels quickly transforms into sticky Wild.