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National Resilience Program

Location: United States

The National Resilience Program will assist thousands of people to better prepare their communities to mitigate the impact of future natural disasters.
Five regional resilience centers across the United States, operated in partnership with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Public Architecture, and others, will respond to the threats of natural disasters in five major regions of the United States: Pacific Coast (earthquakes and tsunamis), Gulf Coast (hurricanes and climate change), Midwest (tornadoes and seasonal flooding), Mid-Atlantic (hurricanes), and Northeast (northern storms and urban threats).
The program will dovetail with the 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge, which will provide a platform of services for a worldwide network of cities. The Challenge is a formal Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation and supported by Architecture for Humanity and others.

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