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Local Chapter Projects

Chapter Project Name Location OAN
AFH Bangladesh: Life in 1.5’ x 30’ Changing Semiotics of urban grey space Dhaka,
On The OAN
AFH Austin: Texas Homeless Network Transitional Housing Austin,
On The OAN
AFH Denver: Secondary School and Orphanage Kampala, Uganda On The OAN
AFH Saint Louis: Lift for Life Academy St. Louis, MO On The OAN
AFH Atlanta: Developed Girl Scouts’ Architecture Badge Atlanta, GA On The OAN
  Habitat For Humanity build Atlanta, GA On The OAN
AFH Anchorage:   Anchorage, AK On The OAN
AFH Auckland: Mint Brolly Project Auckland, New Zealand On The OAN
Women’s Refuge Centre Tonga, South Pacific On The OAN
AFH Austin: Indonesian Relief Housing Assessment Austin, TX On The OAN
Biloxi Shade Structure Austin, TX On The OAN
AFH Blacksburg/Virginia Tech:   Blacksburg, VA On The OAN
AFH Boston: Pakistan Housing: Call for Ideas Boston, MA On The OAN
AFH Bradenton: Habitat for Humanity Manatee County Offices Bradenton, FL
  CCRA Training Facility Bradenton, FL
  Accessory Dwelling Unit Booklet Bradenton, FL
AFH Chicago: The NewStand competition Online On The OAN
AFH Cleveland:   Cleveland, OH
AFH Detroit:   Detroit, MI
AFH DC: NCCF Donate and Shop Washington, DC
  Umeze Village Primary School House Umeze, Nigeria
  Childrens Playground Hung Trach, Vietnam
AFH Dublin:   Dublin, Ireland On The OAN
AFH Genoa:   Genoa, Italy On The OAN
AFH Hawaii:   Honolulu, HI On The OAN
AFH Houston:   Houston, TX On The OAN
AFH Indianapolis:   Indianapolis, IN On The OAN
AFH Iowa (Ames): Strawbale blitzbuild Ames, IA On The OAN
  BIGe energy conference Ames, IA On The OAN
  Recycling Sock Ames, IA
AFH Italy: Primary School Southern Sudan
AFH Knoxville:   Knoxville, T On The OAN
AFH Los Angeles: SoCal Natural Disaster Charrette, Wildfire Clean Up Los Angeles, CA On The OAN
AFH Minnesota: Urban Planning Hikkadua, Sri Lanka On The OAN
  Monrovia Community Center (MNSLFF) Hikkadua, Sri Lanka On The OAN
  Hope Integrated Academy Kyetume, Uganda On The OAN
  Livingstone School Kagera, Tanzania On The OAN
  Homeless Locker Storage Unspecified On The OAN
  Ubwari Medical Center Ubwari, Congo On The OAN
  Hindu Temple of Minnesota Memorial Gardens Maple Grove, MN On The OAN
  Gulf Coast reconstruction   On The OAN
  The Clean Hub New Orleans, LA
AFH Montreal:   Montreal, Canada On The OAN
AFH NY: The Point Bronx, NY
  ABC No Rio New York, NY
  Broadway Women’s Shelter New York, NY
  What If… NY Design Competition Online On The OAN
AFH Fargo:   Fargo, ND On The OAN
AFH Ottawa:   Ottawa, Canada On The OAN
AFH Philadelphia:   Philadelphia, PA On The OAN
AFH Portland:   Portland, OR On The OAN
AFH Sacramento:   Sacramento, CA On The OAN
AFH Salt Lake City:   Salt Lake City, UT On The OAN
AFH San Diego: 2007 California Wild Fire Response San Diego, CA On The OAN
AFH San Antonio:   San Antonio, TX On The OAN
  Housing initiatives Tijuana, Mexico On The OAN
  The Global Studio   On The OAN
AFH San Francisco: Bay View Model Block San Francisco, CA On The OAN
AFH Seattle:   Seattle, WA On The OAN
AFH Singapore:   Singapore On The OAN
AFH St. Louis: Lift for Life St. Louis, MO On The OAN
AFH Sydney: Refugee Week Exhibition Sydney, Australia On The OAN
AFH Tampa

  Tampa, FL On The OAN
AFH Tampico:   Tampico, Mexico On The OAN
AFH Torino:   Turin, Italy On The OAN
AFH Toronto:   Toronto, Canada On The OAN
AFH UK: Sean Devereux Children’s Fund   On The OAN
  School Brewerville, Liberia On The OAN
  Crisis At Christmas 2005 & 2006   On The OAN
  Crash   On The OAN
AFH Vancouver: Laneway Housing Study Vancouver,
On The OAN
AFH Washington DC: Bethania Kid Centers, Umueze Village Schoolhouse Washington DC On The OAN




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