Ribbon Cutting at Coscomatepec!

Ribbon Cutting at Coscomatepec!

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 08, 2012
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During the month of September there are plenty of reasons to celebrate in the community of Coscomatepec in Veracruz Mexico. Not only is the month of Mexico’s national day, which gives the name to the local school; it also is the month in which 16 de Septiembre School completed construction and is ready to benefit more than 200 young students.

The school’s opening ceremony consisted in a big party highlighting colorful Mexican local culture and had the illustrious presence of Petra Nemcova and Xavier de Uriarte, representatives of the sponsoring entities Happy Hearts Fund and Sura Mexico. The opening was also attended by the Governor of Veracruz, the Mayor of Coscomatepec, and Instituto de Espacios Educativos de Veracruz authorities (educational infrastructure for Veracruz), among other authorities.

The celebration including some local dances and inspirational speeches. According to the contractor the project was very successful and everybody thought that the new school was very well achieved and the community is very happy–design is making a difference.

Before the intervention:
- 4 classrooms and a 12x35 m yard that was next to a chicken farm. No green areas. Serving 205 students.

- The new school is located in a new plot donated by the municipality
- 10 classrooms, 1 computer lab, 2 sets of toilets, school administrative area, green areas, landscape works and a climbing wall (the school is close to Orizaba peak)

Courtyard with local motif

Excited students

Viva Mexico!

Images by Sura Mexico and the Happy Hearts Fund