Philippines Floods Response: How you can get involved...

Philippines Floods Response: How you can get involved...

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Aug 07, 2012
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On August 6, the Tropical Storm Haikui brought two days of heavy rains that caused massive flooding and landslides throughout the capital city of Manila in the Philippines. Over 800,000 people were evacuated from their homes and 250,000 people have moved into emergency shelters. It is estimated that 2 million people live in informal settlements in high risk areas along river beds that are prone to flooding.

Architecture for Humanity is committed to helping communities in Manila rebuild and prevent future disasters. We need your help.

Our goal is to raise at least $100,000 to execute a disaster resiliency and reconstruction program and provide communities with the skills and training needed to mitigate the impacts of future flooding.

Support the Philippines Floods Response Program

How you can help:

If you are a design or construction professional, your first instinct may be to try to get on the ground. But first, we also need other kinds of help because it takes a lot of non-design activity to support a holistic long-term reconstruction effort. Design and reconstruction activities will likely not start for another 3 to 6 months. What's critical in these early days is establishing partnerships, raising funds and building the will to respond. If you want to support the reconstruction effort, that's where we need your help most right now.

1. Donate or help fundraise
We are only able to sustain long-term reconstruction programs because thousands of people support the work by donating. Whatever you can give— whether it's $20, $50 or $100 contribution— can make a big difference. These small, early donations allow us to establish and develop projects that have real impact. Hosting a fundraiser would be an excellent way to make sure that our efforts are both successful and sustainable.

2. Get the word out
The more people we reach, the greater our chances of hitting our funding target. Do you know someone in the Filipino community who wants to get involved? Let us know. Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools.

3. Volunteer your design services
We typically assist volunteers to get involved and help rebuild after disaster. If you are a design and construction professional, and you'd like to volunteer let us know. Please note: Timing is everything. We are not first responders, we are last responders. We ask that you sign-up to volunteer and we'll get back in touch within 3 to 6 months when the work of rebuilding begins. Depending on our fundraising progress and the needs on the ground, we will then be able to better direct your efforts to work alongside community partners.

4. Get in touch
Know of another way you can help? We'd love your help and support. To support the reconstruction effort, please contact: