Haiti Digest: January 2014

Haiti Digest: January 2014

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jan 30, 2014
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Students and teachers at École Elie Dubois celebrate their 100th anniversary. Photo by Architecture for Humanity.

École Elie Dubois celebrates 100th Anniversary

On December 3, 2013, École Elie Dubois celebrated the centenary of its founding in 1913. The school is celebrating 100 years of educating young Haitian women to the highest standards, and continues to be counted among the finest educational institutions in the country. The school received a generous $100,000 gift from CINA/ARGOS in January 2014 towards the rehabilitation of the historic school building. FAES reopened the call for bids on January 28 2014 with a slightly revised scope of work. We expect the renovation to be completed by January 2015. We look forward to the continuing relationships with the school’s funding partners including Barefoot, CINA, IADB, Students Rebuild, Bezos Foundation, Nike Inc., and World Central Kitchens. There is still more to be done to complete the build out of the campus master plan and we look forward to working together to achieve this work. Among the next projects are the Science Lab, the IT Lab, renovated administrative spaces, an infirmary, the chapel, and the housing for the residential sisters. (Learn more about École Elie Dubois)


Round table discussion at the Karibé in Port-au-Prince, Nov 2013. Photo by Architecture for Humanity.

Securing Land Rights in Haiti

Almost one hundred guests attended the conference , "Securing Land Rights in Haiti" at the Karibé this past November organized by AFH and Habitat for Humanity. Among the government agencies represented were the Ministry of Interior, CIAT, UCLBP, INARA, ONACA, and DGI, underscoring the government's commitment to finding solutions to the land tenure obstacles to development. Read more about the event here, as reported by Frederique Siegel, Urban Planner for the Haiti Rebuilding Center.

Soeur Lucie and Soeur Philomene sign the contract for construction of Phase 2 for CIM

College Immacule de Marie 2 After a brief period of intense negotiation a new General Contractor was selected from among 5 bidders for CIM Phase 2 construction. The project involves 18 new classrooms and a new sanitation system among other amenities for the girls school that celebrated 50 years in 2013. The contracts have been signed and the work will start in February. Completion of the work is scheduled for August 2014.



Charles Sheppard (left) leads potential GCs around the site at École Argentine

École Nationale Republique d’Argentine The Bid documents were issued on Jan 23 for for the Phase 2 new construction. The work is for 4 new classrooms, a new sanitation system, a new kitchen and multipurpose room, administrative offices and play areas on the expansive site in BelAir. The work is scheduled to be complete in August 2014.






Grand Ravine Community Plan The Diagnostic report was issued to the partners(French text) in January 2014. The Strategic phase is underway and will be complete in April 2014. The participatory community planning has been successful with the groups growing at each session.







Four years later - January 12, 2010 - 2014

Architecture for Humanity joins the world in honoring the memories and the tragedies of the earthquake of January 12, 2010. We look back at nearly four years of the Haiti Rebuilding Center and the many lives we have been able to change through building safe spaces, sharing knowledge and training, investing in local builders, supporting local artists, and amplifying the voices of community members. Since 2010, Architecture for Humanity's Haiti Rebuilding Center has completed 7 schools, and is in the final construction phases of 2 more, for a total of nine schools selected for the first Haiti School Initiative. The work includes the provision of programming, design, technical documents for the construction project, including specifications, budgets, scheduling, and construction oversight of 81 new classrooms serving 4200 students; 8 complete new sustainable sanitation systems involving bio digesters, thermophilic composting systems and anaerobic baffle reactor systems; and 4 new school kitchens and cafeterias. The schools are located in Ceverine, Montrouis, Jacmel, and in Port au Prince in Cite Soleil, Bel AIre, Bois Verna, Champs Mars, Delmas, and Bowosya. The Haiti Rebuilding Center continues to leave a lasting legacy of hope in response to one of the most devastating natural disasters in the world.

In nearly four years: In 2013 alone, 39,236 Haitians benefited from design, construction and economic development work at the Haiti Rebuilding Center




  • 4500 students, teachers and administrators are impacted by 9 school projects;
  • 900 guests attended our monthly "Meet and Greet" events;
  • 50,000 people have been included in our major community planning projects;
  • Architecture for Humanity has Partnered with Habitat for Humanity in the Haiti Property Law Working Group, with more than 100 stakeholders working to create a series of land transaction manuals to support Haiti as it deals with long-standing land issues.



January 31, 2014, 6:00 pm MEET & GREET at the Rebuilding Center, 12 rue Rebecca Petionville Presents KIDmob Mobile Kid Integrated Design Firm looks to transform learning at the intersection of kids, community and design. With iLab // Haiti they have grown to include young adults to train skills in computers, 3D modeling, and tools ranging from pencils to 3D printers. Most importantly they seek to instill a sense of empowerment and engagement though the design process, and creative problem solving. All projects look to address a community need, identified by the community, designed by the community for the community. The NEXT MEET & GREET at the Rebuilding Center Will be: February 28, 2014, 6:00 pm, featuring a screening of the documentary “A Concert of Wills - The Making of the Getty Center” by Albert Maysles




The Haiti office needs you! Read about the "Adjoint au Chef de Projet en Tenure Foncière" position. Applications reviewed on a rolling basis, apply today!





Project Phase (P): Stage %Complete
CHAPE/Mod'Ayiti P1:Construction 70%
Clinique Mme Joa P1: Construction 100%
College Immacule de Marie - CIM P1: Construction 98%
College Immacule de Marie - CIM P2: Bid and Negotiation 100%
College Mixte Le Bon Berger, Montrouis P2: Construction 100%
Ecole Bon Berger, Pele P1 (WC): Construction 100%
Ecole Elie Dubois P1: Construction 100%
Ecole Elie Dubois P2: Bid and Negotiation 50%
Ecole Nationale Republique d'Argentine P1: Site Work 100%
Ecole Nationale Republique d'Argentine P2: Bid and Negotiation 50%
Grand-Ravine, Community Action Plan        P1: Diagnostic 100%
Haiti Property Law Working Group Vol. 2: Draft 1 100%
Haiti Property Law Working Group Vol. 2: Draft 2 10%
Ile a Vache, Community Action Plan P1: Strategic 10%
PAZAPA P1: Design 20%

Find out more about our Haiti Reconstruction Program here.