Press Inquiries

We love talking about what we do. Our community partners and the designers who volunteer with us also love talking to the press. In fact, there are a lot of designers and partners who work with Architecture for Humanity. No surprise, we get a good number of press inquiries. We will work to accomodate your request as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in our work.

To schedule an interview:

If you would like to schedule an interview, please contact us.In your initial message, please include the following:

  • the name of your publication
  • the topic of your story
  • your exact deadline
  • the date your story will published
  • the best way to reach you (phone and e-mail)

    To schedule a speaking engagement:

    Please contact us and include the following:

  • the event name, place and date(s)
  • exact commitment being requested (e.g., a one-hour lecture, a 9am to 12pm panel discussion)
  • a short description of the attendees/audience

    Please understand, we do ask for a minimum contribution of those who can afford it when scheduling speaking engagements. This supports the work of volunteer designers and helps defray the costs of travel and our staff time in scheduling and preparing for the event. It also allows us to reach out and work with student groups, smaller community organizations and others who wouldn’t otherwise be able to learn about our work.

    For background information:

    Please take the time to go through our site. It gives information on our mission, our history, and information on all current and past projects. You will also want to visit the Open Architecture Network, which is managed by Architecture for Humanity, and hosts images and detailed descriptions of all of our projects. Finally, our book Design Like You Give a Damn, offers a good primer in social design.

    For high-res project images and updates

    For a current list of projects by name, visit the Projects area of our site. There you will find information on each project and a link to its project page on the Open Architecture Network, our open-source network for design solutions. Here you will find high resolution images, project descriptions and the latest project updates.

    Note: All images at the highest resolution that we have available may be downloaded from the Open Architecture Network. YES! ALL OF THEM. It’s one-stop shopping. Of course, if you are looking for specific images and you think we may not have posted the latest and greatest versions yet (a possibility) you should feel free to contact us.

    Image credits

    We rely on the kindness and generosity of the designers who volunteer their time with us. They put countless hours into preparing drawings, renderings and documenting their project. For that reason, we require that all images we provide for publication include design and/or photo credits. Yes, strong language, we know. However, this is important to our designers and so it is important to us. These credits can be found on with the file information on the Open Architecture Network next to the download link. If the credit information is unclear, please contact us.

    We also ask that as you are writing or thinking about the layout of your piece that you recognize our designers’ work. Often readers get confused and think that Architecture for Humanity has designed a given project, when in fact the design work was provided pro bono by a firm or individual designer and we supported the project in other ways.

    Be generous

    If you care about community design and would like to help us continue to create opportunities for architects to volunteer their services, please provide a call for donations or a link to our site in your piece. All that time you put into making your story as compelling as possible does no good if people don’t know how to get involved and support good design.