10th Year Anniversary: Letter From Robert Ivy

In celebration of our tenth anniversary, Architecture for Humanity is embarking on a fundraising campaign to support our chapters, grow the Open Architecture Network and bring critical design services to more communities in need. With your support, we can harness the power of the last ten years to make an even greater impact in the next ten years. Join us.

Donate $10 a month and help us bring good design to communities in need for another 10 years.

We’ve gathered a growing collection of letters from some of the many individuals and organizations who have helped give a voice to designing a more sustainable future. We will be featuring a new letter each month throughout the year.

Dear Architecture For Humanity,

Consider the following:

Architecture for Humanity represents the finest of the new breed of architectural leadership, employing architectural skills and directing them for the larger good. Active publicity has resulted in support for the organization from established leaders in the profession (prominent names serve on the organization’s board) and from the public. Committed, unapologetically architectural in name and mission, Architecture for Humanity stands up for people in need. It demonstrates a quality of leadership, providing renewed appreciation for architecture and winning respect and trust.

Who ever said idealism was dead? Those words, written in an editorial in Architectural Record in June 2002, resonate today as accurately today as they did when written. This publication has assiduously followed the trajectory of Architecture for Humanity since its founding. We have admired the socially committed agenda that Sinclair and Stohr have adopted, which represents a wellspring of energy and commitment present in each new generation of architects, waiting to be tapped. Whether providing shelter for refugees from Kosovo or permanent homes for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Architecture for Humanity serves as a virtual pied piper for its volunteers, taking them
literally and virtually where they may have never gone, to tasks they’ve only dreamed about.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Architecture for Humanity. We need you, and more of you.

Robert Ivy, FAIA